Sunday, July 14, 2013

Justice...Only for Some Apparently

George Zimmerman: Not Guilty. Complete and utter bullshit of thee absolute highest caliber. Cannot really say i'm surprised but dammit it doesn't stop it from hurting. Not at all.The entire trial was a sham from start to finish and the State of Florida should be ashamed of the way they prosecuted this case. I'll admit that proving 2nd degree murder was a stretch but this seriously should've been a slam dunk for manslaughter. But in true Floridian fashion these people have proven they can't do shit right! Even up against Mark O'Mara and Don West's incompetent asses. I wouldn't let them defend me if they paid me to do so...i guess unless i committed a crime in the state of Florida.

Michael Vick gets locked up for knowing people who were having dog fights. Plaxico Burress  gets locked up for shooting his damn self in the leg. Marissa Alexander, in the same damn state as George Zimmerman, using the same damn defense, gets 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot into the air to ward off her abusive husband. But George Zimmerman tub of lard ass gets to walk the streets a "free" man after killing an unarmed teenage boy who was guilty of nothing except minding his own damn business. SMDH

I only got 2 things to say:

  1. Mr Zimmerman (and co.), enjoy spending the rest of your life looking over your shoulder and dealing with the knowledge that you murdered an innocent 17 year old boy (even though from your own lips you've already told the world that even knowing what you know now you'd still do the same thing again) without even so much as apologizing to the boy's parents.
  2. State of Florida- you better not fuck up the Michael David Dunn/Jordan Davis case (even though they are already showing signs)!
Being Black in America is not easy. Not at all. Praying for Trayvon's family. If justice couldn't served in this life, then i sincerely hope it is served in the next. 
RIP Trayvon Martin

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  1. I couldn't access your blog on the day of the verdict but I wanted to say you called the verdict on the first day of the trial. I can't say anything about the verdict that you have not already said. May Trayvon rest in peace.


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