Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Don't Blame Yourself

"After being cheated on, women tend to blame themselves"

Every time i hear or read sentiments like this i have to look left, then look right and wonder what women they are talking about exactly. Quite frankly, on the rare occasion that I've been cheated on or suspected foul play the first thought that pops into my mind isn't "what's wrong with me"...its more like:
Motherfu#*er, what's wrong with YOU?!? You have filet mignon waiting for you at home and you decide to go out in these streets and eat some dry ass meatloaf instead? Clearly you have lost your mind. Do i need to contact someone to come and Baker Act you? Because i do still have some connections at a few mental health care facilities and i am sure i can get you a bed and access to a good counselor!
 But i'm kinda conceited like that i guess. If i go more than a day or so without hearing from you, i assume you're dead or in some horrible condition because my mind can't fathom any other reason why you wouldn't want to call me lol. What can i tell you, i think very highly of myself. Perhaps because i spent way too many years having self esteem issues. IDK.

Even now, in the midst of this crazy drama (that a couple of you know a lil bit about) - which i blame completely on Sisi Yemmie by the way, had she not asked me about whether or not i had drama in my life in that last post, i wouldn't have had to speak it to the universe that i didn't have any...which caused the universe to in return drop a big steaming pile of it right on my forehead! - i've not even responded to the person because in my mind (and in reality) they are not even on the level where their ears/mind would be worthy of my words. Not to mention that my words would probably make the person want to slit their own wrists.

But anyway, i'm way off topic lol. Ladies (and gentlemen) don't blame yourself for being cheated on. You are too fabulous to bear the burden of someone else's poor decision making and lack of self-control/self respect. :)

Disclaimer: i ♥ Sisi Yemmie and don't actually blame her for my drama (ok, maybe a lil lol)

Slightly Unrelated Sidenote: Passive-Aggressive Flirt #1 called me last night lol. Aaaaaaah man.


  1. You're right. That's a decision people make that reflects what's going on in their own heads (though we like to blame others) - Adultery has more to do with yourself than the person you cheated on

  2. I think it is perfectly natural to blame yourself when someone cheats on you. When someone cheats on you, you feel alienated and alone and hence you crawl back into your shell and go through some introspection. This introspection typically goes the route of "how could he/she do this?" and after a while shifts to "Could he/she have done this because I did.... or ...." Truth is relationships are a learning process. It is best not to internalize the hurt despite it being a default.


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