Thursday, June 27, 2013

What a wild week its been

In the US at least.

Paula Deen and her bullshit

Somebody called Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom (and then someone tried to come for me on Tumblr because apparently i wasn't outraged enough about this...what can i tell ya. I'm not here for Clarence Thomas and his bullshit)

That prep school in Ohio offers up a faux-pology for saying, in a roundabout way, that they wouldn't allow their black students to rock their hair in its natural state. This is a carry-over from a week or so ago.

That dude from the Patriots arrested for murder

Wendy Davis and her pink Nike sneakers filibustering efforts to kill a proposed abortion bill in Texas which called for her to talk for 11+ hours non-stop, which includes no bathroom breaks, no leaning, no water breaks, and no going off topic. This lady is freakin awesome for that.
sidenote: despite Senator Davis's efforts, The GOP manipulated their time clocks to make it seem like they were able to vote and pas said abortion bill before midnight. These people really are a disgrace

SCOTUS finds DOMA unconstitutional...

but they have no problem telling states that they are allowed to suppress my vote.

Indeed it has been an eventful week on this side of the pond.

ETA: And how did i forget to mention that Texas executed it's 500th death row inmate (and the first woman in over 3 years). Less than 24 hours after the whole abortion bill shenanigans  and they proclaimed how much Texans care about life. Yeah, ok. (I swear, Pro-Life fanatics slay me, pun intended)


  1. Is it rude to say that in times like these, I'm glad I live in Canada. hahaha

    1. Not at all, cuz at times like these i say i wish i lived somewhere else too lol.

  2. That Hernandez's story is just.... Mehn! First World Problems...


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