Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So we meet again...

You know you're living a rough life when you break into a full-on praise dance because you found $4 in your purse. smh.

So random fact of the day. On my way to la oficina, i made a pitstop at 7-eleven and i bumped into a very familiar face. It took me a while to figure out where i knew this dude from but then it dawned on me. The gentleman standing before me was none other than "mr. beautiful hazel brown eyes" that i met during my internship last year. I guess i was wrong when i said that was the end of our story lol.

Well nothing happened, we exchanged pleasantries and then i went on about my business. Just thought i'd mention it tho ;)

In other sexy news, can i just share that i am ridiculously oblivious sometimes. A few days ago i went to the local library to return some severely overdue books. I get out of my car and walk up to the door and get stopped by this man. At first i thought he was just gonna say hello and go on about his life but this dude ended up engaging me in a full on dialogue...asking about my sorority, if there were any "good women" in my sorority, where i went to school, blah blah blah. Every time i tried to inch my way closer to the door as the subtle "will you freaking go somewhere" signal, he'd just come closer and keep on talking. SMH. Here's where the obliviousness part comes in...i honestly had no idea that he was flirting with me all that while. I seriously thought that he was just one of those random southern weirdos that talks the ears off of strangers. Even after he damn near kissed my hand, commented on how soft and dainty it was, and complimented me on the fact that i wear my own natural nails lol. I didn't get the hint until he asked for my number. Sad.


  1. I found a dollar once. I almost gave a testimony.

    I feel bad for the man. Imagine all his flirting and you didn't even notice.

    I know what you mean girl mmmhmmm

  2. Er, you didn't even swap numbers with Hazel? *DeepSigh* And woman, you gotta open your eyes to these flirts. The universe is trying to tell you something (i think) so start paying attention woman

  3. This makes my Earth calling Jenny comment even more real. Zipping up lips. lol


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