Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I love windows...like really love windows (not the computer program)! Stuff like this is just amazeballs to me. But i could never live in a place that has windows like this. I'm something of a Paranoid Schizophrenic. Having all these windows would have me thinking that someone was constantly spying on me. And i mean, why wouldn't they? Who wouldn't want to catch a glimpse of all this fabulousness?

I also love balconies. They don't even have to be nice balconies. Just having a little outdoor space where i can go and unwind with a glass of wine and catch a cool breeze. AMAZING! I miss that. But that's only if it is off of the living room. As super-splendiforous as i think it would be to have a set of French doors that open up to a sexy balcony with an equally sexy view from my bedroom, i'm also ridiculously paranoid that someone is going to break into my home in the middle of the night as i sleep. And if that should happen, God forbid, i need there to be as many barriers between them and myself as human possible. Doesn't help if they can climb into my bedroom with the greatest of ease. Thats also why i never rent apartments on the first floor. If you're gonna rob me, dammit you're gonna work for it!

And there are no words to describe how much i love the water. Beaches, rivers, lakes, ponds...love it all.Could explain why i started my life on long island and transferred said life to a coastal city in florida lol. The catch...i have no idea how to swim! I don't like getting my face or my hair wet, im not a fan of myself in a bathing suit and have no interest in being a snack for Jaws, or an Alligator. But looking at the water is sooooooooo relaxing. As long as i don't have to get in it...well i'll stick my toes in but thats it. Oh and i'm definitelty no stranger to a nice jacuzzi lol. I even like watching the rain.

I'm just a juicy contadiction...like starbursts. Or super paranoid. Whatever the case, i thank you for taking this trip down the rabbit hole that is my ridiculous brain. :)


  1. hahahahahha! What a bunch of contradictions! I can reason with you though. I love seeing big houses....but I do not think they are practical for me....whoGunCleanItUp?!! Especially when a maid decides to leave me hanging? abeg!...lol!
    Bia, do we get a price for this trip you took us on? No IceCream? Nothing?! NAwa o!

    1. LMBO, you didn't see the snacks on the table when you came in?!?


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