Thursday, May 23, 2013

We're just ordinary people

Is it weird that i don't like when people try to impress me? Not only does it make me uncomfortable, it also just kind of annoys me lol. Like dude, relax and be yourself. If i don't like you for you then i will be sure to let you know- either verbally or by ignoring you for the rest of eternity.

I think i'm bothered by it so much because i don't believe in doing a damn thing to impress anybody else (except at a job interview i guess but even that is done begrudgingly) lol. I am who i am and if you don't like it then you're free to move on. And of course i don't mean that in an arrogant way. But why should you have to change who you are (or pretend to as is often the case in these types of situations) to get someone to like/love/accept you? That doesn't make any sense at all.

The other reason it bothers me when people try to impress me is because it makes me wonder what kind of impression i'm giving off that causes you to think that i feel the need to be impressed in the first place. (As i've written here before, i really take this kinda stuff to heart.) I like to think i'm a pretty laid back type of chick. Yeah, the things i'm passionate about, i am passionate about. But in terms of my relations (not that kind of relations lol) with people, i'm pretty damn chill if i do say so myself.

I have been called bougie a number of times before tho lol. I don't think i'm bougie. Do y'all think i'm bougie?? One person that alluded to this alleged bougieness said he did kinda go outta his way to impress me because of said bougieness and the idea that i was classy and probably used to the "finer things". I don't know man. I think i'm just an ordinary person with a hint of boughetto lol


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  2. What is a bougie? I also do not like to go out of my way to impress people. I like people to see me the way I am normally and if you don't like me tough! It means I don't have that many friends (people tend to want to be your friend if they think there is a lot going for you) but the few I have are quality friends. I don't have to pretend around them. If things are going bad for me the see it and if things are going good they see it as well.


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