Monday, May 13, 2013

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover

In the 2nd edition of life lessons learned in Atlanta i bring to you the following:

  1. Atlanta really is like the mecca of the black LGBTQ population. I literally couldn't go two steps without bumping into someone Gay or Transgender. Its kinda cool actually that at least there is a place where if you identify with that lifestyle you pretty much considered the norm rather than ostracized. But i can't lie. As accepting as i am, there will never be a time where i won't be hit with that initial wave of shock/confusion when i see a big burly dude come walking down the street in capri pants, a baby tee and shimmery lip gloss. *kanye shrug*
  2. All Walmarts suck. Sometimes its the actual store itself. Sometimes its the patrons. During this particular trip to walmart, i found myself in the 20 items or less lane behind a woman with $400 worth of food and another woman who didn't have any money and spent 15 minutes trying to find a combination of cash+credit that would cover her bill. SMH. All i wanted was some juice, lotion, a brush and a lint roller.
  3. I am a complete lightweight and i either need to stop drinking altogether or i need to start drinking more often. There's no reason why 1 Bahama Mama, 1 Tom Collins and a swig of Budweiser had me so far off my ass. Thank goodness for designated drivers.
  4. Mazzy's on Alpharetta Hwy has THE best chicken tenders i've ever eaten in my entire life. Their drinks are kinda gross but are totally effective, hence life lesson #3 lol.
  5. People will try to sell you anything. While i was waiting on my bus, this man swaggered over to me with a honeybun in his hand and said to me "this honeybun looks good as hell dont it?!? 75 cents." After giving him the side eye and tellin him i was good, he then pulled out a home pregnancy test and tried to sell me that. (o_0) 

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  1. Walmart is teaching you life's lessons for free, "All fingers are not equal". Say thank you to them nicely :D

    On drinking. 'Is your goal to be a girl who can hold her drink or a girl who appreciates the finer aspects of drink" that should help in decision making.
    p.s. My brother used to be a lightweight. Now he can hold his own. perseverance pays off. :D

    I can bet Mr Bus Stop hawker's name is Jack. :D


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