Saturday, May 4, 2013


In keeping with my dancing mood...I bring you Kizomba. I'm on a mission to master partner dancing and what better place to start, right?

I love these two. I could watch them dance all freaking day.

I know i said a few days ago that i didn't get the concept of sexy legs...but she's got some sexy legs lol.


  1. Girlllllll I saw the first video the other day and said to myself, "Well my oo my this has got to be one of the most sexiest dance sets I have ever seen"

    1. LOL, i saw it about a year ago and have been enamored ever since. I was already into like Zouk love and bachata moderna (which are basically same thing, diff language ) but idk, there's just something about this. Probably the Portuguese lol

  2. Sigh. the 1st couple are hawt!

    Whats with that pink bushy tail in the second video? C'est distracting lol

    i still dream of doing some sexy choregraphy on my wedding with husband...So far I know dbf can do MJ very well.
    If you see any MJ/couple dance themes, pass them my way lol.

    1. Its the same people in both vids lol. IDK about the pink fluffy thing. I'm assuming it was some sorta competition type thing so i guess the tail is for costume/show.


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