Monday, April 1, 2013

You Just Never Know

Friday night i found out that a friend of mine passed away. We weren't really close or anything. To be honest, even if she hadn't passed, who even knows if i our paths would have even crossed again, what with her going back to Uganda and all. I met her when i first got to college and got kidnapped by my school's ASA. She was one of the first people who welcomed me with open arms (and no, there weren't that many people who's arms were open back then which is part of the reason why that's always the first thing i remember about her). Her name was Sarah and she was very sweet lady. Very soft-spoken, kind-hearted and just all around...wholesome. One of those people that when she comes around, you instantly take notice and want to go and say hello and give her a hug.

Though i am a bit of bleeding heart, i definitely wasn't expecting the wave of emotion that overcame me when i heard the news. The tears were flowing uncontrollably and even gave myself a headache from crying so. But at least i know she's no longer suffering and i'm sure she's in heaven kicking it with Jesus so i can't be down for too long.

RIP Dr. Sarah Namulondo. You will truly be missed.

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