Friday, April 19, 2013

Sexy Legs

What are nice legs? Like, what's the criteria? What are the minimum requirements to be in the running for best legs? I have never understood it myself lol. I mean...legs are legs. Aside maybe from scrapes and scars and cellulite and varicose veins and size...they all seem pretty much the same to me.

I guess i'm just not a leg person.

These are some pics that came up when i types in sexy legs in my google image search bar:

Personally, i'm more impressed with the shoes and hosiery lol


  1. I think here in America, the first criteria is the legs have to shaved :)

  2. Very true Myne. No black knees. Usually the longer the legs, the better according to the criteria.

  3. Tina Turner was praised for her sexy legs so I guess "yams" also come into play although I find curvy legs cute

  4. Omo, if you oil the yam legs they are fine,
    If you cover the k leg with a long gown, and you have hips, it is fine.
    If you wear skinny jeans and a large top with your skinny legs it is fine...

    However if you leave ENOUGH cleavage, no normal man's eye will ever reach your legs. Remember this and anywhere you go, people will praise your awesome legs.

    Court rests...


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