Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Men don't know shhhh about men

I've always suspected that men don't know shit about their brethren, particularly when it comes to romance/relationships. They think they do because...what reason does a man have to lie to their homeboys, right?


Men lie to their homeboys 10x more than they lie to women. Because men are obsessed with impressing their boys. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. (kinda explains why so many man are ridiculously over-homophobic but thats neither here nor there) But there it is. I know a lot of people say that men do all the things they do (get a good job, nice car, nice house, jewelry, etc) in order to impress the ladies. But what they are really doing is putting themselves in a position to snare the baddest bitch they can so that they can go brag to their friends about the bad bitch they just pulled.

But that's not the point today.

The straw that broke the camel's back for this theory/postulate came to me fairly recently. I was conversing with a guy on some "so i know its real" tip and he said that the fact that he bought a chick's plane ticket to come and see him was proof that she was special to him.


How so, i asked.

Because dudes don't do that shit, and even if they did, it wouldn't be for just any old body, was his reply.

Really though sir? So you know i had to school him cuz clearly he is lost in the game:

1) All Most men do this (or have offered or attempted to do this). Where have you been? I ran outta fingers and toes counting the number of dudes that have "sent for me"over the years.  *ok i'm exaggerating...but only a little lol

2) Why wouldn't you pay for her ticket? I'm assuming given the circumstances that she is most likely crossing state lines with the unspoken primary or secondary intention of meeting your sexual needs wants. The least you could do was provide the transportation. (sounds like prostitution a lil but it is what it is)

3) Seriously, where have you been? This happens all the damn time, across the globe.

This is why i very rarely take relationship advice from men...that don't date men. Cuz what the hell do they know? At least a woman (or gay man) has a point of reference with their advice.

Disclaimer (i think im starting to turn into the female version of SNM with these disclaimers lol): Feel free not to take this seriously if you want.


  1. You nailed it with "Men lie to their homeboys 10x more than they lie to women. Because men are obsessed with impressing their boys"

    Lol @the SNM reference

  2. confusedmen.com that's all

    Of course you pay her transportation.
    1. She is the one going through the inconvenience of leaving her comfort zone/reschedule to travel ride to see you.
    2. You are most likely earning more than her.
    3. Like you said, she's prolly going to give some extra benefits cook/clean. Not sex. That's supposed to be mutual last time i checked...
    4. She probably puts in more miles visiting you than you do her.

    I'm not saying woman don't chip in or should expect it as a right, but the man paying shouldn't be crowing about it. It is a non-issue joo or he is immature.

  3. Like you pointed out, men have been 'sending for women' since forever. That guy is probably just doing so for the first time or is plain ignorant. Chikena!

  4. Ehmmm, I agree with all you said except this...
    Cos homeboys have been lying to homeboys since forever (far longer than they have been sending for nookie), homeboys can spot a lie another homeboy is telling from a mile.
    Meaning? You should ask guys for advice. This guy was probably trying to lie to you with the he cares for her crap and he might have meant it. No hard and fast rules in that case.
    E.g. he will most likely maintain body contact when he is lying, he will most likely add I mean it when he is lying, he will most likely say he isn't lying when he is lying...
    However he straight up lies without any adjectives when he is lying to his homeboys like the retard he is...

    Ehmmm.... All of the above of course, is a lie!!

  5. I believe in asking guys for advice only if they are the type of guys you would want to date, they're in a situation you want to be in, you respect them/they respect you and you're good friends. Because that type of guy friend won't lie to you, he will help you without trying to game you. I have guy friends that I sit and listen to them lie to their homeboys about their bitches and party life, but I know they go home to their one woman and cuddle all weekend. They tell me the truth and when I need advice they help me out.

    And you hit the nail on the head with them lying to their homeboys!


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