Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life Lessons Learned in Atlanta

On my many trips to ATL, i have learned many things. Today's lesson:

Apparently nobody in Atlanta (or the surrounding suburbs) knows where the hell the Marta Civic Center Station is. Not even if you give them the specific address, the exit to get off of the highway at, or nearby landmarks. SMH.

I told my ride where to pick me up at. Gave the physical address, in addition to the name of the "station", the whole 9 yards. I arrived around 8pm. My ride didn't get there til about 10:30pm. 

It was so ridiculous. And to make matters infinitely worse, my phone had 1 was dark...there were bums and other unsavory characters galore, and it was cold. But you know me- Certified Gangster- i didn't cry i really wanted to tho.

The only redeeming aspect was that i was not the only person left stranded here, hence why i am of the belief that no one knows where this place is. I can't tell you how many of the people that i traveled with were still there even after i finally got picked up. We had formed an unspoken kinship. Literally walking up and down this strip of land hollering into our various cellular devices shouting a various volumes: "what do you mean you're lost?" "what is taking you so long to get here?" "how do you not know where it is?" "come on, son!"

Added to my own personal hell is the fact that the red line, the only train that takes you north of the perimeter, doesn't run after 7pm. So if my ride hadn't found me, i literally had no way of getting out of the city to their apartment. But like i said, i'm a G...i didn't cry lol. And eventually my ride showed up and i made it to my destination safe and sound (though i did have to pee really really bad and the car ride was another 30 minutes. I just barely made it).


  1. lol are you sure you didn't cry :P

    I don't like the dark....I would have been terrified.

    1. LMAO, i didn't but i came very close and i definitely threatened to if i wasn't picked up soon. That was around 9:45pm lol.

  2. Replies
    1. I was! Pissed beyond measure. Half of the back and forth phone calls were filled with curse words lol.

  3. Blessings.....
    praises that you arrived safely and was picked up eventually without incident. The lesson in that experience, make alternative plans in the event the first course of action doesn't work.


  4. I live in Atlanta and I read that and said "hmmm I don't know where that station is either". But then again, I rarely get on the train. Your ride should have been able to find it with their GPS though, like really? not even in the vicinity? smh

    1. Child, the GPS had them out in Dunwoody somewhere. If i hadn't been on the phone with them when I got off of 75 to let them know they needed to be downtown, Lord only knows how long we would've been standing around lookin S.O.S lol


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