Friday, March 29, 2013


Its friday, i don't really have much to talk about so i thought i'd share with you some of my girl crushes, play aunties and she-roes

Kerry Washington: beautiful, brilliant and talented

Gabrielle Union: My Haitian Sensation

Rihanna: feisty femme fatale

Amber Rose: she's just hot and seems so sweet

Taraji P Henson: not afraid to be the ghetto girl next door

Jill Scott: How can you not love Jilly from Philly?!?

Erika Alexander: Maxine Shaw Attorney at Law/Misandry Queen

Phylicia Rashad: Who didn't wanna be Claire Huxtable growing up? I still do!

Angela Bassett: We cheered for you when you got your groove back, we cried with you when that  no good husband of yours ran off with that white woman (and celebrated when you set his shit on fire), we hi-fived when you beat the mess out of Ike in the back of that limo...all of this and the woman has barely aged a day 

Alfre Woodard: I've yet to see her in a movie i didn't end up loving

Jenifer Lewis: if she were Nigerian, she would definitely by Mama G 2.0

and of course, my fabulous, flawless, FLOTUS. She was made to be first lady. I feel bad for whomever is Presido in 2016 cuz his wife won't have nothing on my Auntie Chelly lol.
This list went on way longer than intended and there's still so many people missing. Part 2 coming eventually.
Have a great weekend. And Happy Easter in advance.


  1. more more you don't like white women, ehn? i keed.

    1. what, Amber Rose wasn't enough?!? lol

      more are definitely on the way

  2. Love your choices with some exceptions:
    re: Kerry Washington: Whenever she talks, her mouth distracts me. Dont know why..........
    re: Gabrielle Union: Absolutely
    re: Rihanna: Feisty but I would like to see another side of her sometimes....
    re: Taraji P Henson: Absolutely!She killed it in 'Baby Boy'
    re: Jill Scott: Crushhhhh!!!! *swoon*
    re: Angela Bassett: Utmost respect
    re: Alfre Woodard: Love her!
    re: Jenifer Lewis: 100% Mama G raised to the power of 1000
    re: Michelle: *swoon* *drool* *love love*

    Great choices

    1. Yeah, i have kinda noticed that about Ms. Washington too but i can ignore it lol.

  3. Kerry Washington is a NO-No! I don't even know the rest. I got nothing on these females. Happy weekend.

    1. Stop playing, you know you know the rest of those women. Don't fall my hand Gretel

  4. Your list is coooool!!! I love almost all too.
    Of these set ma favs are: taraji, phylicia, gabby, angela,and ofcourse jilly!!
    And yeah I agree wif NIL kerry's mouth can be distracting! Still like her too.

    Bring on part 2.

    1. part 2 is coming very very soon my dear :)

  5. I love your list, but I'm gonna have say a big NO to Rihanna. She started off as having all this potential, now she's just classless to me. I'm still on the fence about Amber Rose. I'm glad she got away from Kanye. I LOVE me some Taraji and Maxine Shaw!!! And Michelle is what EVERY little girl should aspire to be. You're right; the next several FLOTUS won't be able to come out from her shadow.

    1. Well, i think a big part of Rihanna's persona is that she has had to adapt the IDGAF attitude because people just won't let her be. While i wouldn't be pulling half the shenanigans she is, i still respect it.

  6. @Gretel, really?? None of em? Lawd girl, you haven't lived enough

    I love them all for different reasons

    1. hahaha, leave her. she's just being a joker (i hope).

  7. They all have reasons why I love them,. Give us more....


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