Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Ugh, Single Nigerian Man took me on serious trip down memory lane yesterday with his post which featured the still so sexy Olamide Faison.

I had a super duper ridiculously huge crush on him during my pre-teen/early teen years. Back then he was in the group Imajin. Imajin is something like a remake of Soul 4 Real, IMx (nee Immature), and Hi-Five. You know, in the 90s all the black boy bands kinda had the same vibe. .

Anywho, so yes he was such a handsome lil thing. Then to find out his name was Olamide Aladejobi... How amped was i to see a young gorgeous and NIGERIAN artist to swoon over. And to elevate the situation even further, i found out he was Donald Faison's little brother...which caused me to believe that Donald Faison (whom i was crushing on from Clueless and Waiting to Exhale) was Nigerian too. The guy's middle name is Adeosun afterall. Hello threesome

But alas, my awe was short lived. I found out that they weren't really Nigerian. Not that that really makes a difference, they were still both fine. But also, Imajin just kinda fell out of existence. I was really sad too. I remember buying one of their singles and then waiting and waiting and waiting for their album to drop. I'm still waiting. I'm pretty sure the CD came out but i could never find a record store that sold it. And boy did i look lol. Oh well. Its still good to know that lil Olamide is still making music and being beautiful (^_^)


  1. I never heard of them, though I'm generally a fan of boy bands. Is this an old video? It sounds and looks dated.

  2. The song is from like 1998/99


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