Sunday, March 24, 2013

If i went back to a hoopty from a benz

would you *poof* and disappear like some of my friends?
If i was hit and i was hurt, would you be by my side?
If it was time to put in work, would you be down to ride?

Where am i going with this other than reminding ya'll about my thug life??? I'll tell you.

So as i'm sitting here, playing a game on my trusty-dusty laptop and bumping my throwback jams, i stumbled upon this B2K song from the Pandemonium album. It's called Would You Be Here. Have a listen:

So i'm listening to the song and i can't help but think to myself: Damn yo, B2K was spitting some realness back then! Of course, in 2002-2003 my answer would have been "hayle naw i won't be here, broke bitch. get ya self together, then come holla at me!" lol. I was so fiesty in my teen years.

Don't get me wrong, i'm still a princess out here looking for my prince so that in short time we can move up to being King and Queen (or at least Duke and Duchess). But, its still a good question. Would you be here if i had nothin, would u be here if i was strugglin, would you be here at any cost?


  1. I saw the title and went "Gurllllll its easy to love me now." Le sigh. Its so easy to say yes when you're not in the situation itself but I do believe that ques and hints are dropped via action in other situations. Sometimes we just don't overthink enough. Prime example is a movie my sister watched and we discussed about. A man tells his wife to sleep with his dying brother who has cancer because he is impotent and thus cannot bless his wife with the fruit of the womb. Of course she was a virtuous lady and wouldn't consent to such act of treason to her matrimonial bed and the thus had to grovel and beg and plead with the sun moon and stars before she finally consented. With tears in her eyes she went to her brother in-law and slept with him and as she walks out the fool of a husband tells her not to go through with the act anymore but it's already to late. Mr. Impotent from here on, insults his wife calling her a whore who was so thirsty for the dick so she could compare which is better, him or his brother. He locks her out the house and does all manner of disrespectful and outright unloving actions to her. The lack of overthinking that I stated earlier:

    Your HUSBAND asks you to SLEEP WITH HIS BROTHER. Why? To carry on the family name and adoption is out of the question since it's technically his child. You didn't think that in some foreign universe that this already has all type of questionable labels attached to it. You didn't think to overthink that if he could disrespect you by even thinking to ask you and then using the "If you love me, you would do this for me" line is a hint and shove that somewhere along the line he will disrespect you again?

    People say I think to much or I overthink things but the way I see it. Every action done is a hint, que, a glaring warning to another situation people just choose not see, hear or take it.

    1. huh? Are we reading the same post???? *confused face*

  2. The responses to this post are confusing the hell out of me....

  3. Oh i would be and he better do the same for me else...


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