Friday, February 22, 2013

The gist you've been waiting for

Wow guys, i honestly hadn't even noticed the entire week had gone by. Been busy. If not for the last couple of people who commented on the blog post, you guys would have been waiting for my response for God only knows how long lol.

Anyways the first half all assumed i went out and shook my tailfeather, while the second half think someone asked me a muy importante question. And judging by the gasps, and congrats, and the "is that your ring", i presume that you guys think i got engaged.


You're half right lol. I did shake my tailfeather. But i did so from the comforts of my own bedroom with my headphones placed securely over my ears and my music turned up loud.

As per the important question...well someone did ask me an important question, but it had nothing to do with the picture (though that is my hand in the pic- the ring is fake aka "costume" and belongs to my mother until i steal it from her). I hope you all didn't think i was engaged because the one they call 9ja Great was the first one to suggest it lol.

I'm sure you're disappointed. Well so am i. I would have loved to have come to tell you guys that a group of men battled each other in a Roman Colloseum to see who would get the chance to be Mr LadyNgo. But such is life. Please note that if i did get engaged, the blog post title will simply be "I'm engaged" and the post will be completely empty cuz...what else is there to say after a miracle like that?!? lol

Thanks for playing though :)

Have a good weekend!


  1. hahaha... it will happen! lol

    Thanks for the suspense.

    - LDP

  2. Oh snap!!! I would've preferred the engagement thingy! Oh well! *Kanye shrug* However,i suggested what i wanted!

    1. Now...don't you think that if i had gotten engaged, you'd know? Did i not find out you were getting engaged damn near a year before you actually did it?!? lol

  3. ...what else is there to say after a miracle like that?!? lol

    hahaha that made me laugh

  4. You are crazy jare
    that is all i can say
    But in my world (i am a Christian)
    Dreams do come true.


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