Thursday, February 28, 2013


The other day someone in my house found my mother's college id card from her freshman year at SUNY Stony Brook. Hilarity ensued. She begged me not to post it so i won't but LMAO. I guess what i saw in that ID photo was "the look" back then. Had her Farrah Fawcett flip going and everything lol.

I need to buy one of those boyfriend pillow thingies so i can practice cuddling. I truly suck at it. I don't even know how its possible. It just is. Unless i'm the "big spoon". But how many guys wanna cuddle that way?!? lol

And since we're kinda sorta on the subject:
I'm just sayin...

I'm getting... real tired... of half-assed... apologies for... racist nonsense. People really can't even behave for the 28 days out of the year that they are supposed to pretend they give a crap about black people. smh.

There is not a single day that goes by that i don't trip over thin air. I don't know wtf is wrong with me lol. Thank goodness this usually happens in my house and not outside where i might end up on youtube/worldstar.

So is Tinie Tempah from Ibusa or Asaba?

And i leave you with some wise words from Maxine Shaw: Attorney at Law-


  1. You don't know how to cuddle cos you're GANGSTER like that.Hehehehe

    1. LMAO, so the next time someone asks me to cuddle i should say "can't do it baby cuz i'm a thug!"

  2. That last one is killing my ribcage


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