Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Talk

Good day folks. Hope everyone's new year/month/week has been going well thus far. My weekend was filled with some fabulous and not so fabulous moments. I spent the weekend in Tampa (what else is new, right). I went out to dinner with some of my sisters, one of whom i haven't seen in like almost 3 years. We had a great time catching up, reminiscing, and probably annoying our waiter with our loud chatter and laughs. But i left that guy an awesome tip so if he has anything to say he should park well! Honestly the tip was only because he was sexy. According to my sissies he looks like a gingerish Adam Levine (i don't agree but majority rules i guess) and he had the cutest lil country/midwestern twang. I had the most splendid white peach sangria. Totally worth the $6.

I also shot the shizz with my bestie and ended up running into another friend of mine who unfortunately shared with me his plans to pop the question to his gf (where she even came from, idk) soon. Seriously, what is this crap about? I can't even tell you how many of my guy friends feel the need to share with me their intentions. Not that i don't care, because of course i do, but come on. You can tell me after you tell her! And in this particular case, after i've spent the past 7 years wanting nothing more than to feel up on your booty and make out a lil, the last thing i wanna hear is that i've missed the boat! But anyway, he's a awesome dude and he definitely has his head on right so if he wants to marry her i assume she is equally amazing and i wish them the best and will gleefully watch on as they take their vows.

On Friday i narrowly escaped a car accident. I swear i do not understand why people are so reckless. Especially in the rain. Some psycho, fearing he was missing his exit (i assume), cut across the road from the center lane to the left lane, nearly crashing into the car directly in front of me. In response, the car in front of me tried to swerve and get out of the way, lost traction causing his car to spin out of control, went crashing into the guardrail and headed straight in my direction. Thank God for good brakes because i drive a little itty bitty putt-putt car and the car behind me was a big ole Astro van and the car next to me was a mack truck. If i had to swerve outta the way i probably wouldn't be here. There are no words to explain how scared i was. I spent the next 15 miles driving with one hand over my heart, the other on the steering wheel (both of which were shaking uncontrollably) trying to calm my breathing, and thanking God that no one was hurt.  SMH.


  1. aww that's a great testimony to hear, thank God for his grace :)

    haha sexy waiter tip sound like something i would do too

  2. Ah, thank God no one was hurt, that is scary! Welcome to the New Year, and may the guys you have eyes for, see you too :)

  3. Happy New Year Lady Ngo.
    Accidents are not your portion Amen! Thank God there were no hurt bodies.

  4. I agree, Adam Levine is hot! And thank God for keeping you and the others safe.


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