Friday, January 25, 2013

I'm Getting Old, Man!

My brother just got his first (of many, hopefully) college acceptance letter yesterday. To some school in the middle of freaking nowhere. Hopefully he'll get accepted somewhere closer. I'm still holding out hope that he'll follow in his youngest big sister's footsteps and become a Bull- but he's not really trying to hear that lol. I can dream at least.

How this little knucklehead got to be college age is beyond me. Especially since i'm still sweet 16 (cut out that snickering, don't think i don't hear you!)

The precursor to my feelings of elderliness came this past weekend at my friend's wedding reception (which i have stories to share about...later though). I was walking back to my table and this girl greeted me. Like proper greeting...practically did ikun'le for me. As if she was not a most a couple years younger than me. She probably thinks i'm rude as heck because i honestly just looked at her blankly for a few seconds because i couldn't wrap my mind around what was happening lol.

Next i'll be telling you people about gray hairs, smh.


  1. Sweet 16 huh?! I hear you! LOL

    Congrats to him and yeah,you're getting old!

  2. lol @ gray hairs... you wish! but hei, like joke person dey grow be that o, this growing old thing

  3. Lol @ Ikunle. I been there so i feel you. hi5 on being forever sweet 16 jor

  4. Can't wait to read. Still looking sweet 16?

  5. The years keep marching on. Soon they'll b calling you auntie, then madam...

    1. Horrified face!Nooo, not yet abeg. We are still 'Sisi'.


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