Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crime and Punishment

Man i freaking love The Big Bang Theory! lol

The rest is just some other funny crap. Happy Hump Day.

Man those last 3 or 4 kids = parenting success. The rest of the spoiled lil monsters, smh. And some of them were waaaaaaaaaaaay too damn old to be throwing such tantrums. I can't lie though, if i had kids i'd probably be doing this effed up kind of stuff to them all the time lol.


  1. Oh sheldon and Amy lol!

    Those kids throwing tantrums over candies smh. Awww the last 3 kids are just precious!! I really don't think it has anything to do with parenting though. After I met my little sister. I've realized every child just like every "grown up" has a character, which could be good or bad. They'd get to understand later through parenting why good is good and bad is bad.

  2. Awww for the kid that said "i just want you to feel happy"

  3. Hilarious!! The last kids were just precious. Dear Lord, bless me with kids like this o.

    The snowman prank was funny too. I would certainly be one of the screaming girls.

  4. I laughed so much when we saw that episode of Big Bang, Amy is crazy, but Sheldon crazier. And he has no clue!

  5. Freaking hilarious, the last video. But i love how thoughtful of the kids were. "Awwwww" moments right there!


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