Friday, December 21, 2012

Long Time No See

Hi-hi guys. Long time no see. Thanks to those who looked around and realized they hadn't seen/heard from me and decided to reach out lol. You all haven't missed much in my life, which is probably why it was so easy not to write for a while.

The holidays are always a weird time for me. Growing up, we always did holidays big. The whole family got together for dinner and laughs and what have you. We'd alternate between going to my Aunt Cathy's house for Thanksgiving and my Aunt Jean's for Christmas (and vice versa). We'd also have something at our house with my mom's side too. Even though we've been in Florida for 7 holiday seasons now, i'm still not used to not having holiday celebrations with the fam. This year is extra sucky because my sister and her fam aren't coming down to spend Christmas with us. *Sad face*

So lets see, what's been happening? I spent Thanksgiving with my grandparents on the other side of the state. Went to Atlanta for a lil while (for like the 3rd time in the past 6 months.) Then i went to my Soror's wedding in South Florida on my bday and came back with over 50 bug bites on my legs and feet. I pray they are mosquito bites and not anything crazy like bed bug bites or something. I got that sweet blood. Bugs just love me. The wedding was on the beach so im just going to go out on a limb and say that's where the bug bites came from. I also came back sleep deprived because the people in the hotel room next door to me were have tons and tons of sex all weekend and putting on a damn performance. It couldn't possibly have been that great considering each go round only lasted a few minutes. But what do i know. Not to mention all the drama...apparently whomever the young man was banging was not his wife/girlfriend as evidenced by the very angry phone conversations that were had in the middle of the night.

Sidenote: a special thank you to the person who hit me up at 4:54am to wish me happy birthday and then after waking me up told me i should go back to sleep. (-_-) lol, much appreciated my friend.

with the beautiful bride

fly mamacitas
after getting lost on the way to the reception lol

Wishing you all a happy and festive holiday season and blessed and prosperous new year.