Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tumblr is crazy. I love it but its crazy. One second you can scrolling past a perfectly innocent gif of spongebob making a krabby patty and the next you're scrolling past an orgy (which is why i tend not to long onto tumblr around other people...don't want folks thinking i'm more perverted than i actually am).

Just now i was scrolling through my dash and i came across this pic of some chick smoking crack. Now, at the moment, this photo has like 150 notes (likes and reblogs for those not familiar with Tumblr lingo), and not a single mention of the fact that this chick has a freaking crack pipe to her lips. Apparently i'm the only person concerned about this lady being a potential junkie.

Oh and did i mention shorty is butt-ass nekkid in this photo? Yeah. When i say there is absolutely no redeeming quality to that photo...lol. And to add nonsense to the ingredient, the chick in question is the one who posted the pic in the first place...and her husband was the first person to reblog it. Is that whats really hot in the streets? I mean...if thats how they get down, God bless 'em. But shwooosh.

Anyway, so yeah, I enjoy my tumblr life. But that place gets crazy as hayle sometimes.


  1. Shouldn't you have shared the link? :)

  2. LOL, well its too late now. I didn't reblog it so its long gone. Next time i will, just for u


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