Friday, November 2, 2012

Performing my civic duty

It was soooooo crowded. I can't imagine what its going to be like on actual election day. Glad i got it done and over with early. The ballot was lengthy as all hell too. In addition to the President, there were also 11 constitutional amendments to vote on among other things. In all there were 26 items on the ballot. The hell. I'm really glad i took a peek at my sample ballot when i got it. If i had gone into the voting booth sight unseen i would have cried real thug tears (and it would have taken much longer).

Funny, the guy who gave me my ballot was like "aww, is this your first time voting" For a solid 5 seconds i was just like "what???" I turned 18 when Bush was elected the 2nd time (or the 1st time depending on how you feel about the situation lol). But i'll just pretend to take as him giving me a compliment on my youthful appearance. And then some lady called me a gentleman which was really weird. I mean, my hair was down and the cleavage was on full display. I understand the joke she was trying to make but...yeah.

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone. And happy new month.


  1. Happy New Month dear.

    HAHAHAHAAHAhAHA!!! Gentleman sha

  2. Lol, have a great weekend yourself and a sweet november ahead

  3. One more vote for Obama? :)

    Have a great November.

  4. Yay for civic duty!! I fill out my absentee ballot tonight!

  5. I've never gone early....maybe I should. I'm usually the first or second person in line on election day. I always vote; and I've voted in every presidential election since 1984. Usually I've gone out and voted against the incumbent....but not this year. Only twice in almost 30 years I've actually voted FOR an incumbent president....this will be the second time.


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