Thursday, October 4, 2012

Weighing In

I watched the Presidential debate last night. Let me just say epic fail for all parties involved, in my opinion.
Mittens was rude and condescending, danced around all the questions asked of him, and still hasn't even began to discuss how he plans to accomplish all these so-called goals he has for the country. I'm not interested in hearing "We have to cut the deficit" "Obamacare is the spawn of Satan" "moral values this" "our creator that". I wanna hear some gosh darn facts. I wanna hear a plan of action. And that crack about cutting funding to Sesame Street and possibly firing the moderator (while providing fodder for some hilarious internet memes) was not cute .
Obama looked bored out of his freaking mind. He didn't look the least bit interested in being there. Whether this was a tactical approach or not, we can only speculate, and i def have a theory or two. But I will agree that there were definitely a few times that he could've called Romney out on his bullskittles and didn't. Probably just wanted to get home with Michelle and beat it out the frame celebrate their 20th anniversary.
And that damn moderator. Worst moderator i've ever seen in my entire freaking life. Seriously, its to the point that i suspect that he was on the Romney/Ryan payroll. Romney was talking over him, cutting him off, jumping all over my President, just being an ass and moderator dude wasn't saying nothing. But then had the nerve to turn around and cut off my President mid-sentence. SMH

I can't wait to hear what Stephen Colbert and John Stewart have to say about this. I could use a freaking laugh after these fools raised my blood pressure through the roof.

Moving on:
I volunteered to review program proposals for a National Conference being hosted by a professional association i am part of in my field. Man...procrastination got the best of me and i ended up reviewing all 6 proposals like 2 days before they were due. Shameful. It was a lot more difficult than i thought it would be but it was definitely a good experience.
I'm kinda doing the same thing again but for a different association. This time i'm getting a start on it early. From now i have 3 weeks to get it done and i only have 3 sets of documents to go over.

Last thing. I've been reading lately...a lot. Lack of gainful employment will do that to you. Anywho, I read "Say You're One of Them" by Uwem Akpan. Well i only got to read 2 of the 5 stories in the book but the two i read were very well written. I also read Scandalicious by Allison Hobbs. Good book but it took a while to get going and the end was so rushed. This book taught me a bit about myself. I am no where near being a freak lol. There were some parts in that book that i had to completely skip over cuz i'm just not bout that life. The last book i read was Married on Mondays by HoneyB. I did a short review of a similar novel by her called Single Husbands (back when my blog was a toddler and the only friends it had were KitKat, Myne, Ibhade, and Sisi Yemmie) which is basically the same story but from the opposite gender's perspective. It was a really good read and it further solidified the fact that i can never be with a man that will let me make him my bitch lol.


  1. To say that I was disappointed by Obama's performance is an understatement. He lost really bad. At one point, I couldn't stand all the punches Romney was throwing at him that I had to cut my losses, turn the tv off, and call it a night--well, only for a few minutes, because I turned the tv on again and finished the debate.

    I suspect that Obama's team underestimated Mitt Romney. They were probably expecting to debate the awkward Romney we've seen so many times on the campaign trail, not the determined Romney we saw yesterday.

    About the moderator, I think it's about time he hangs up the moderating cleats.

    1. Honestly, i only count it as a loss because he was lackluster. Mitt Romney got up there and flat out lied his pants off about almost everything he opened his mouth to say. So i will never consider that a win of any kind.

      One of my friends said the moderator was acting a fool because Romney threatened to fire him (he works for PBS) lol

  2. I didn't watch the debate,actually didn't care to.But i really expected more from Obama.It's obvious he performed less than expected.

    1. i didn't think you had considering it was on at like 2 in the morning on your side of the pond lol. All i really needed from him was to call Mittens a damn liar like the rest of us were and go on with his evening.

  3. Romney was determined, the media had been saying so, yet Obama went about saying he was going to take it easy, I thought he was just being nice. Well he was nice and gentlemanly on air too and Romney pounded him. I don't blame the moderator at all, those that measured the times said Obama spoke for 4mins more than Romney. Thing was, Romney stuck his teeth where it hurt, and refused to back down. Maybe Obama just had some loving from Michelle, or didn't want to quarel on his anniversary, but he just couldn't muster the energy to fight back.

    But sha, it's all a show, I'm sure those who'll be voting already made up their minds.

    1. All i can say is there are 2 more debates to go...we'll see what happens. Not to mention, he went in on Romney in his next appearance in Denver today (thursday) which i wish he had said the night before. Anywho, i agree, at this stage in the game, the people who are voting already know who they are voting for (or their just planning on flipping a coin).

  4. Blessings......
    I hope people really listen not only with their ears but with what there eyes are witnessing. When you have an opponent who cannot relate to the average "man" thats a problem and warning bells should be ringing in the ears of potential voters.

    stay blessed.


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