Friday, October 19, 2012


TGIF right?!?

So i went to the store yesterday and as i was getting close to the door, another lady was approaching from the opposite direction. She made eye contact, smiled and said a cheerful hello (in a completely no homo kinda way). In my head i thought, aw how polite, so i smiled and said my hellos back. Then you know what happened? This hoe closed the damn door in my face! I was literally like 2.5 steps behind her. Instead of holding the door long enough at least for me to catch it and let myself in, she let the shit shut in my face. And then she did it again when we got to the next set of doors! The second time she barely even opened it up enough for herself to get through. Rude piece of garbage. UUUUURRRGGGHHHH! That's not even why i planned on blogging today but that just burned my toast!

ANYWAY, what i really came to chat about was something i'm sure most of you have already figured out about me by now. And that, is the fact that i'm a freaking weirdo! My interest is piqued by the most ridiculous things. So i ran into this beautiful man that i haven't seen in a while (he was abroad for a bit) and when we went to greet one another, he gave me a hug and said "hey *insert Lady Ngo's surname*, how have you been" and i damn near fainted. I can't tell you how sexy it is to me that he pronounced my last name so perfectly and with such ease. I have no idea why that was so sexy to me...but it was. Sigh. If only he weren't such a total whore. SMH

This also amuses me:


  1. gf!!!, you got me hooked with this part of the Incredibles..
    this part is just so funny..where Samuel L.Jackson's voice over goes "honeyyyyyy where's my suit..
    "WHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT?!!!''hehehe
    "you tell me where my suit is woman!!..we are talking about the greater good...
    you think a black woman will let you run off and do your superhero stunts huh?!without querying you about it..LMAOOO!!
    k, i'm almost saying everything on the vid so i'll just let others watch and comment.

  2. Can't believe I've never heard about the Incredibles, that was really SLJ? Wow.

    As for the lady, na wa. The fine guy, how fine is he? LOL...

    1. yes ma'am thats really him :) Honestly this is like the best part of the movie. You didn't miss much.

      The fine guy...he's beautiful. The word fine does not do him justice.

  3. The Incredibles is one of the best Family Movies by pixar, next to Wall-E.

    Yeah sometimes things sound better when a good looking piece of ass says it.... maybe thats why i put up with Beautiful Air Heads

    1. Wow, i don't like the movie that much lol.

      Its true, the cuter a person is the more crap they can get away with lol

  4. Hmmm @ weirdness/total whore. Incredibles? Awesomeness of a movie

  5. At least he remembered huh?!?

    Gotta love Sam Jackson.


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