Monday, September 24, 2012

Working at the Pyramid Tonight

Youtube is slowly taking over my life. The tv in my bedroom has literally turned into a bookshelf. Both my mother and my brother have actually come and asked me why i even have one since its never on lol. I asked them why the hell they have the ear to my door to know that my tv is never on. Boo-yah!

Over the past few months i have become quite enamored with the growing phenomenon that is the black webseries. Some of my favorites are:

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl
The Unwritten Rules
The Couple
Brothers With No Game (for my friends in the UK lol)

I've also developed a major jones for watching people cook. Partially for educational purposes, partially for entertainment. Whats so entertaining about watching people cook...i'm not really sure but it is what it is.

And finally, Youtube is responsible for bringing Frank Ocean into my life. For the longest time the only song i ever bothered to listen to by him was Novacane (which is still my jam) and even that i didn't hear fully for the first time until like 3 months after the video came out. Truth be told, i probably never would have even bothered listening to him if not for that whole "is he gay? is he straight? omg he might be singing about a man so i'm not going to listen to his music anymore!" bullshit. All i can say is that that is one TALENTED man! I don't give a damn if he's singing love songs to Hitler...his voice soothes the hell outta me and makes we want to stand on the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon YES! (please dont ask lol). Like i literally just spent a good hour listening to random songs of his last night. The guy is just amazing. I really don't even know what else to say about him. And apparently he looks like Red (so says mommy dearest) lol...though i doubt that plays a role in this infatuation.

Pyramids (warning- there's definitely a bit of T & A in the vid so if you aren't at home or don't have an office door, you might wanna skip this one for now)
Thinkin Bout You
We All Try

 Annnnnnnnd with that...have a great week folks


  1. Youtube is a world on it own actually.

  2. Awkward Black girl was introduced to me by an Awkward Brit collegue. She said she and ABG were soul mates lol. I did love the 1st season and how it ended. Hope the 2nd is as good.

    Tell your Mom Youtube is portable TV joo

    1. Issa Rae is my everything lol. I actually have gotten my mom into watching all these youtube webseries. She knows the deal now lol

  3. I will skip right past all the Frank Ocean bits and look suspiciously at you screaming at silver of the full moon.

    1. I am looking at you suspiciously as well. There, now we're even :P

  4. I like ABG and recently discovered unwritten rules. Great shows :)


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