Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

So apparently an autopsy was done on Chavis Carter and they've concluded that his death was a suicide. A left handed man who was searched and no gun found on his person and double hand-cuffed magically shot himself in the right temple. And the only noise the police officers heard was a thumping noise. I'm no expert but i'm pretty sure guns make more noise than that...and i've never heard of a gun that made thumping noises unless we're on some kind of new 2012 technology. So yeah, okay Arkansas. There are many many many days that i completely abhor this country.

I was walking into Target the other day when i passed a couple. The lady turned to me and said "he (the man she was walking with) just found out that i'm really a man" and walked off. (o_0)

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was the most hilarious collection of complete and utter nonsense that i've ever seen. It surpassed Flavor of Live, Basketball Wives, Jersey Shore...everything.

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives was an awesome read! In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black Women (Alice Walker) was pretty good too.

What on earth did D'Banj attempt to do to my beloved Kukere?!? That remix is just...smh!

I told my mom the other day that I was planning on voting for Mitt Romney. For a moment, i truly thought she was going to fly across the table and backhand me lol. Yeah, as if i could ever be a damn Republican. Bloody idiots, the lot of them!

Speaking of Republican shenanigans:

1: what doctors were you speaking with sir? Because a doctorate in underwater basket weaving does not give one authority on female anatomy and biological processes.
2: what the flying fuck is a "legitimate rape"?
3: are you freaking serious?


  1. That senator guy is smoking something, very stupid if you ask me.

  2. Oh yeah....he's definitely on that 'stupid'. Douche!

    1. Doctorate in underwater basket weaving....I might need a Doctor...A REAL ONE (btw) Lady Ngo, you are crazy funny!

  3. You Republican? if your Mom hadnt done the slappy on you I would have come help her. I love you too much to let you join them. Eejits most of them! legitimate rape indeed..so there's illegal rape? and consensual rape and....*takes a sip of chilled water*
    Baba Segi's wives...finally. cool book i tell ya. okbye

  4. lol!

    Legitimate wetin?

    This one needs to have his head examined...how did he skip the mental hospital?


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