Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This is just the cutest thing ever.

Sidenote, listening to and/or watching me try to pronounce kpomo is probably one of the funniest things in the universe. Hence, i just call it chicharron (cuz i'm latina like that) or cracklin (cuz i'm country like that) which is easier to say and is essentially the same thing- different animal.

Other sidenote: i was on youtube and i saw a video called "how to eat chin chin". I didn't think eating chin chin required an instructional manual.

It should be evident by now that i am hungry, hence the post.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

So apparently an autopsy was done on Chavis Carter and they've concluded that his death was a suicide. A left handed man who was searched and no gun found on his person and double hand-cuffed magically shot himself in the right temple. And the only noise the police officers heard was a thumping noise. I'm no expert but i'm pretty sure guns make more noise than that...and i've never heard of a gun that made thumping noises unless we're on some kind of new 2012 technology. So yeah, okay Arkansas. There are many many many days that i completely abhor this country.

I was walking into Target the other day when i passed a couple. The lady turned to me and said "he (the man she was walking with) just found out that i'm really a man" and walked off. (o_0)

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was the most hilarious collection of complete and utter nonsense that i've ever seen. It surpassed Flavor of Live, Basketball Wives, Jersey Shore...everything.

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives was an awesome read! In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black Women (Alice Walker) was pretty good too.

What on earth did D'Banj attempt to do to my beloved Kukere?!? That remix is just...smh!

I told my mom the other day that I was planning on voting for Mitt Romney. For a moment, i truly thought she was going to fly across the table and backhand me lol. Yeah, as if i could ever be a damn Republican. Bloody idiots, the lot of them!

Speaking of Republican shenanigans:

1: what doctors were you speaking with sir? Because a doctorate in underwater basket weaving does not give one authority on female anatomy and biological processes.
2: what the flying fuck is a "legitimate rape"?
3: are you freaking serious?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How i met your mother

If not for Issa Rae, i would rename this blog Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl. smh. How do you get tricked into meeting someone's parents??? It would help me greatly if someone out there would reassure me that I am not the only person that this type of stuff happens to. #ThanksInAdvance

Anywho, so yes i was tricked into meeting someone's parents. It was ridiculously awkward. I had no idea it was happening until we were already in the car and on the highway. Had we still been on the surface streets, i might have attempted a tuck-and-roll into traffic and walked back to my car. To make matters even worse, it was a long car ride. Like an hour. So for an hour i sat in the car sweating and fidgeting and checking my face in my compact. And the culprit in the matter had the nerve to ask why i was so freaking quiet. To which i couldn't help but respond with how could you do this to me?!? lol

In retrospect, it wasn't that bad. The siblings were cool (yes i was tricked into meeting them too). Dad was so cute with his *insert ethnicity* accent. He was so funny too, he had me rollin. Mom on the other hand...she was a tough one to crack. I honestly get the feeling that she may have been under the impression that i was a scallywag- mostly because one of the other siblings had a lady of um questionable character there. But after a little while she warmed up to me ^_^

Because i know some of you, i must add this disclaimer: NO! You know exactly what i mean by that too

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Perfect Proposal

I stumbled across this video some years ago and just fell even deeper in love with Wayne Wonder. (Yes, Wayne Wonder is one of my many musical beaus. I'm freaking insatiable lol.)

The song always brings back some serious memories. I literally can't hear the song without singing along and swaying to the riddim. aaaahhh. Anywho, here's the original version as well (from No Holding Back, 2003).

Friday, August 10, 2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

In Case You Missed It

Graduation went down over the weekend. Now i'm inspired to get a doctorate so i can take part in the hooding ceremony...it looked so cool and i had never seen it before. Somehow i need to figure out how to get an honorary doctorate because i'm not evenly remotely interested in having to do the schoolwork required to get a "real"one lol. Anywho, the day started off rather rocky. People running on CP-time. I literally had to a pull a tuck-and-roll out of the car in the middle of the street and dress myself as i powerwalked to the graduates entrance in the arena. But i made it there with plenty of time to spare. I wasn't one of the stragglers that came strolling in halfway through the ceremony like i did when i graduated from undergrad. Of course, now that its all said and done, the question on everyone's lips is "so what are you going to do now" with a few choruses of "do you have a job lined up" and "are you going to get your doctorate". Sigh, talk about knocking the wind out of someone's sails. The answer to all of the above is nothing/no lol. I think there should be a law that states that when someone graduates you should only be allowed to say congratulations (or offer them a job/scholarship/handout/etc). If something miraculous were happening in my life post-college, i'd let you know, trust me.

Anywho, how are you guys doing? Have a good weekend? Anything new and exciting happening in your life?

Oh before i go, someone please explain this to me:

And to think i actually sat and watched the whole thing lol.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm So Slow Sometimes

I swear, i'm slow as hell sometimes. Like i really don't know whats wrong with my brain. So here's the short tale. I'm sitting here watching Poetic Justice...a movie that i've seen over a million times, tell me why i just now got the joke here:

Like seriously, how has this joke managed to go over my head for all these years??? Of course when i was little it went over my head because who knew what the hell a "punany" was at age 6? (Shame on you if you did, ya nasty!)

But even after i got older and ate the apple and my eyes were opened...i just thought the joke was that homegirl had really bad breath akin to that of someone's sweaty funky box lol.

So as i'm sitting here at 3am on this lovely thursday morning and im watching and then boom it hit me lol. Goodness. Well this is why i like watching old movies over and over (especially ones from when i was a kid and too young to understand)...you always find something you didn't catch before.

Sidenote: i'm mad Janet Jackson was so stank to Tupac when they were filming the movie. He is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine and i would smash that to pieces. Eff what ya heard.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Magic Tricks

A 21-year-old man was found shot in the head while handcuffed in the back of a patrol car Saturday night. Now police have launched an investigation to determine what happened.
Chavis Carter was a passenger in a pickup truck that was stopped by police in Jonesboro, Ark., Saturday night, according to KAIT, an ABC-affiliated television station. An officer reportedly found some marijuana, and ran Carter's information. He was wanted on a warrant out of Mississippi, so officers placed him in a patrol car.
"As protocol, he was handcuffed behind his back, double-locked and searched," said Jonesboro Police Department Sgt. Lyle Waterworth in an interview with WREG-TV.
Just minutes later, police said they heard a thumping noise, turned around and found Carter shot in the head.
Waterworth said he thinks Carter pulled out a hidden gun and shot himself. “Any given officer has missed something on a search, you know, be it drugs, be it knives, be it razor blades," he said. "This instance, it happened to be a gun."
His mother, Teresa Carter, disagrees. "I think they killed him," she said. "My son wasn't suicidal."
Carter said she was also told her son was shot in the right temple, although he was left-handed. "I mean, I just want to know what really happened," she told WREG-TV. "That's all I want to know."
The two officers who were present when Carter was found shot were placed on administrative leave.

Ah ha, he shot...himself...while he was handcuffed...after being searched...riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, we believe you!

It Breaks My Heart

To think that loving me is not easy to do...

Can you believe its August already?!? 2012 is on a runaway train. Summer went by way too fast. Well...not for me cuz its vacation time for me until i get a job so its not like August really signifies anything anymore lol. Anywho, i hop july treated you all well and that August treats you even better.