Saturday, July 21, 2012

The thing about gun laws

In the light of the craziness in Colorado, of course lots of people are up in arms about gun laws and why they aren't as strict (or why they are overly strict). Whenever the conversation about gun laws in this country come up i always like to look to Chicago, but we'll get to that in a moment.

The thing about gun laws is this, no matter how strict or how loose they are, they don't actually protect anyone. If any old body is legally allowed to carry a gun, you get situations like the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman fiasco.
Sidenote: have you guys been keeping up with the story? Did ya'll hear that fool get on national tv and say that he did nothing wrong, there is nothing he'd do differently in retrospect, that he doesn't regret following Trayvon or getting out of his car to pursue him that night and (and this is the kicker) that it was "God's will" and who is he to question it. SMMFH.
 I suppose you have the piece of mind that you're "protected" because you have a weapon in case of an emergency but in order for that to be the case, 1- you kinda need to know that danger is around ahead of time so you can get the drop on whomever is attacking you; 2- you can't get panicky in a hostile situation. For instance with the situation in Colorado, that dude threw tear gas in an already dark and crowded theater. Can you imagine the additional freaking chaos that would ensue if EVERYONE in that theater had a gun and decided to use it? I can assure you there'd be a hell of a lot more casualties and injuries. Not to mention with all that commotion, if the police had to make the decision to gun someone down, everyone shooting just made the list of likely suspects.

Now say we do the reverse and say no one can have a gun. Well that could work, most honest well to do citizens would obey the law. There is just one problem though... most people who use guns to commit felonies probably aren't concerned with what the law says. And this is really where I reference the activities of the folks over in Chicago and just to set the mood i give you this quote: "In the hood, summertime is the killin season. Its hot out this bitch, that's a good enough reason." -
June 2012: 8 killed, 43 wounded over the weekend
October 2011: 3 killed, 17 injured overnight
March 2011: 1 killed, at least 19 shot over a warm weekend

Yeah, Chicago is pretty much the poster child of why gun bans do not work. Not to mention that buying a gun (legally or illegally) is easy as hell. Plus the argument that with gun bans in place, everyone knows (well assumes) that you don't have a gun...increasing the likelihood that those who are up to no good are going to increase their nogoodnik behavior because there are few repercussions. *kanye shrug*

The whole gun control thing is a no-win situation from where i'm sitting but if you have suggestions. thoughts or opinions, i'm sure there are tons of people eager to hear 'em!

Just for kicks lol

This wasn't how i planned to break my silence but yeah...there it is. Going back to lurking for a lil while, but i'll be back with proper gist eventually.


  1. Like you said, it is a no-win -win situation.
    The never-do-good, will use the banning of guns as a leverage to commit more crimes...for guns to be allowed to be carried legally by the govt, was for reason in the past we might not history taught me, America was a wild place, hence, everyone had to protect themselves. Now, it is tamed, but there are still undesirable elements to contend with.
    My opinion is that, is it possible for all public outlets, including supermarkets, schools, offices to have in-built door x-rays, and alarms? Or the bullets sold to the public should be blanks?
    The souls of the departed rest in peace.

  2. This is one of the issues everyone outside America don't give a f*ck about. Why? Sh!t like this happen everyday everywhere BUT America makes a media frenzy out of it and next thing you know, a Hollywood movie is released based on the event.

    Since it occurred in America that's why everyone is talking about preventing/containing violence. That is not even a significant percentage of what goes down in Syria everyday.

    1. Dear Adebsrk, you are a MORON.

      The reason this is so shocking is because this happened at a MOVIE THEATER. A place where people took their young children for a fun filled evening and ended up getting killed.

      You cannot compare this to Syria where there is an active revolution happening. The deaths in Syria are sad and are covered daily in the news but that place is a warzone and--as sad as it is--there is an expectation of death.

      This theater shooting happened in a quiet suburban town in a theater filled with children, teens, and young adults who were there to watch a MOVIE when some psychopath walked in and started killing indiscriminately. THAT does not happen "everyday everywhere" as you said AND by American standards it IS a nightmare.

      I don't know what you are used to but the USA is not a war-torn developing country or a place (like Nigeria) where Boko Haram runs rampant, so this IS news.

      Everyone is talking about containing/preventing violence because there are so many guns in the US there is now at least one gun for every human being living in the country.

      I just don't appreciate foolishness like this. Its okay for Nigerians to complain that "white people" don't care about what happens in Africa but when something happens to "white people" Nigerians thinks its okay to say stupid things like this.

    2. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......i saw this story about praying for the families of those who lost ppl at the movies but i didnt get the pic quite clearly
      oh no....oh noo....this sent chills down me...this is so sad..How COULD HE!!!!...we dont even have a sense of security anymore..How could a man be so cruel...and i hope he stays behind bars.....pSYCHO!!..for good!!!...

    3. Shut the f*ck up, like seriously. Yes innocent people lost their lives is that news new. My point is because it happened in America it got that much attention. I know lives have value, but how many people died, 11 or 12?

      A little over a year ago, a gunman randomly killed 77 people in Norway, mostly teenagers. How many bloggers who have written about this incident in America wrote about that one in Norway?

      So next time before you speak out of popular sentiment & call someone a 'moron' understand where they are coming from. Once again, shut the f*ck up.

  3. No need for name-calling. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. What happened in Colorado is beyond sad and its doubly so cos these people just headed out to see a MOVIE. God continue to keep us...

  4. Maybe they should adopt whatever laws the UK has?? Cos we sure dont have a lot of shootings here. Knifing maybe but not shootings.
    There will always be psychos and criminals with to me, gun laws are not about them....its about simple men and women who are becoming murderers cause the law has given them access to a most dangerous weapon.
    Maybe they should increase the police force, tighten gun distribution networks. i dont know, but I am sure there is a way. I don't think a would be criminal in UK can acquire the amount of ammunition etc as easily ONLINE as this guy did. there must be laws that make it impossible for such to happen. The US needs to adopt it and stop allowing gun manufacturers to run the country.

  5. Our world is gradually tearing apart and sincerely, we're at its end. When you hear people talk about 'God's will' in the killing of a fellow human being; you know the world is at its end. Indeed, Jesus' coming is very near. *sigh*

    - LDP

  6. Ginger basically says my mind. I wouldn't go as far as banning guns completely but the system needs an overhaul.

  7. Guns shouldn't be allowed in the hands of everyone,it'll just be a complete disaster.


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