Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mr Ideal Nigeria 2012

Where have i been that i did not know about this parade of sexiness?!? Good Lawd. Some of them could get the business with absolutely no question (Mr. Abuja...Mr Akwa Ibom...i'm looking at YOU)! Then there were a couple of maybe's and some no's lol.

My Top 10 in no particular order (some of them are hell yeses and some of them are maybes):
Mr Abuja *drools*
Mr Akwa Ibom...with and without hair *continues to drool*
Mr Imo...sigh *fans self*

Mr Cross River...*bites knuckle*

Mr. Adamawa...eh, that body though!
Mr Anambra...Oooooooh yeah

Mr Katsina...1 time for the light-brights. I have a friend that looks just like him lol

Mr Taraba...yummy *i also have a friend who  used to look like him*

Mr Oyo...again, i have a friend that looks something like him lol

Mr Osun (my #10 for those who were counting lol) was the winner. I don't know why. Clearly, the winner should have been Mr Abuja! Oh Well.

To see all the contestants and the rest of the pictures, visit the Mr Ideal Nigeria website or Facebook

Sidenote: I just found Mr Abuja's twitter account and Good Googa-Mooga. There are NO WORDS to describe the horribly disgusting thoughts that came to mind. Chineke mei!!! Sir, i would drink your freaking bath water! Why is he so damn fine?!? AAAAARRRRGGGHHHH.

Okay, i'm done.

Beautiful Onyinye

I swear one of these days somebody is going to make a nice song calling the name Ngozi. *kmt* Lovin the song though ♥

Monday, June 11, 2012

And we're back

Hello-Hello beautiful people of the blogging world. Its the start of another week in this rapidly moving year of 2012.

pretty, yeah? 
So after almost 3 months of not doing a damn thing to my hair, i finally bit the bullet (on a whim too i might add) and went to the salon and got a relaxer. It was a Dominican salon and that lady doing my hair (who spoke MINIMAL english) was not happy that i had "negro" hair instead of spanish waves...IDK what she thought was gonna be going on in my roots when she saw my black ass walk in with my big bright African Students' Association t-shirt.

Anywho, at least my hair is getting better. A lil longer, a lil healthier. Still got a long way to go but its a work in progress.
Back in March


Moving along, This part may be of particular interest to the likes of Toin, HoneyDame, Ginger and Myne lol. But, the passive aggressive flirt is back. lol. If you recall, i discussed 2 of them here. Well Flirt #2...nothin came of that. We're just hi-and-bye friends. I think he has a girlfriend too. They look cure together so i hope that's his girlfriend. But Flirt #1...has been on some next level shiggidy lately. Since i hadn't seen him in a while i shot him a "hey, how's life, miss your face" message. He told me he was out of town for a while and followed that with a number of slightly suggestive texts. Just suggestive enough for me to raise an eyebrow, but so slight that again, i had to check myself and make sure i was not reading too much into it. Anywho, some days pass and he randomly hit me up which was funny because i had literally just left his area (though i wasnt with him and im sure he didn't know i was around). So again, he hits me with these suggestive texts...but um these were FAR more suggestive than the earlier ones. Like whoa...on some Fifty Shades of Grey type ish. Ok...not that suggestive lol, but pretty damn close. *Sigh* Nonsense.

Last thing...me and the parental units and the younger sibling went out to dinner the other day. The following conversation occured when my mommy went to leave the waitress a tip:

Me: Why are you leaving all those singles? You could be using that at the strip club...
Mom: I don't go to the strip club
Me: You should *swinging arm in the air like i just don't care*
Mom: Why would i do that when i have my own private stripper right here *looks lovingly at my dad*
Me: *embarrassingly loud* AAAAARRRRGH, don't ever in your life!!!!! *turns up face in disgust*
Mom: Well next time you'll stay outta my business!
Brother: *laughing uncontrollably*
Dad: Jennifer, I don't know who or what she's talking about.
Me: See, thank you. At least someone is trying to make the situation better. Nobody wants to know about that *walks off towards the car in a pretend huff*

Have a blessed week everyone.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Round Two

So round 2 of this summer class is over. After the midterm we took yesterday a bunch of us went out for drinks to celebrate making it to the halfway mark of the class. Who gets drunk at 3pm on a sunday? We do, we do! lol. Well, not me. I just had a white sangria (which was freaking delicious by the way) and a really big cup of water.

My baby brother got his license AND took his SATs this past week. Where is the time going?

This whole zombie apocalypse shit is really starting to get to me. How many more stories of cannibalism do we need to hear about?!? How i really know its getting to me? On my way home from class on friday night i was stopped at a light coming off the highway and there was a beggar on the corner. The first thought that came to mind wasn't "poor guy" or "oh please" or whatever. It was to lock my door and think to myself "gah damn zombies ain't gonna trick me into rolling down my window so they can eat my brains!" Stay away from those bath salts!

The fact that my exam is in a few short weeks is becoming too real. Everyone keeps saying "you can do it" "you'll be fine" and all that other jazz. But i don't believe them lol. And hearing it actually just freaks me out even more. I've had at least 3 full on panic/anxiety attacks and bouts of depression in the past week and a half. It got to a point where literally for two days i was a freaking zombie (no pun intended). I didn't read anything, didn't study anything, didn't get out of my bed...nada. SMH *wooo-saaaaah* Sidenote: Thanks Ebi for letting me rant and carry on that day (whenever it was because i honestly don't remember anymore lol) about how much life sucks lol. It may not have seemed like it at the time but i felt sooooooo much better after we talked. #Homies4Life

Probably most hurtful is that Baby Sophia didn't make it. I personally have never dealt with the loss of a child that young and it just kinda hit me hard. So i can't even imagine what my soror is going through...especially with that being her first child. :( But all i can do is continue to pray that she and her family eventually find comfort somehow.

My condolences to the families of the lives lost on the Dana Airline flight that crashed in Lagos yesterday as well as the families of the 10 people that died in the Allied Air crash in Accra. The cargo plane, flying from Lagos to Accra, overshot the runway when attempting to land and hit a bus, killing all the passengers on board. The passengers on the flight are currently being treated for injuries but suffered no fatalities.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Forgive and Forget...or Move the hell on?? [REPOST]

Originally posted February 24 2011

I just happened to stumble upon this blog [blog has since been deleted] about one naija woman whose husband cheated on her. I guess she took to blogging to let off some steam. It was actually a very interesting read. While i have been cheated on in the past (once, maybe twice- first time was never substantiated and the second time resulted in the relationship being terminated post haste), that was just a regular relationship, not in a marriage (not that it doesn't hurt, i just imagine it hurts more after vows have been taken).

I've always had this philosophy that if you can't forgive and forget, then you should just end the relationship and move on. To some that seems very harsh and very hasty- cowardly even, but hear me out. If your partner cheats on you, you are going to lose trust in them. Once that trust is lost, you will become a freakin maniac. Checkin their phone, checkin their facebook, wondering if every time he runs to the store he's really out gettin a quickie with some next chick (can you tell i've been here before?!? lol). Even if he never cheats on you again or even gives any hints that he's thinking of doing so, you'll never be able to get the thought out of your head. (Well thats how i imagine it would be for me at least)

In short it will be pure hell, and not just for you. Do you think your mate is going to want to have to deal with this crap day in and day out (granted, they wouldn't have to deal with it had they kept it in their pants from the get go, but i digress) after you've supposedly forgiven them? No one wants to hear the same argument over and over again if its supposed to be resolved. If you can't forgive them, you're probably never going to let up. And even if you don't constantly bring it up, if you haven't forgiven them its bound to come up again at some point.

So i say pick up and move on. But after reading that blog, I can also see how much more complicated it can be. I know for myself that I am not a very forgiving person. And even if I pretend im not phased, its still always going to be in the back of my mind. That shit aint healthy at all, and I dont think that I nor the "transgressor" deserves to have to go through such hell. Hence, my thinking you should move on. Real talk: more power to those people who are able to forgive their partner's indiscretions. I don't think I have it in me. Hopefully i won't ever have to find out

Friday, June 1, 2012

[REPOST] what is love?!?


What is love?

What is the difference between love and like? love and infatuation? (I know the difference between love and lust so i won't bother with that question) How can you tell the difference?

How do you know when you've found "The One"? How can you tell he/she is Mr/Ms Right instead of Mr/Ms Right Now?

When do you know its right to get married? What's the difference between being married and being in a serious, committed relationship (other than the legal/religious recognition)?

What is love?!?

ETA: Happy new month folks. 5 months down, 7 months to go in 2012!