Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stop and smell the roses

Its a new month so why not stop and smell the roses?!?

Yesterday i spent a great deal of time just looking out of my window. Not looking at anything in particular, just looking. It was a nice sunny day with a gentle breeze that caused the branches on the trees to sway. The sky was a pretty blue and filled with fluffy clouds.  There was a lot of hustle and bustle as residents and parents scampered about trying to move out of the dorms. I just watched in slight amusement. I remember those days (and in a week that'll be me too)

I've been here 7 months and never noticed these flower blooms growing on the tree outside my window. Wonder what else i've missed while i've been caught up in my own little world...

Happy new month everyone.

Sidenote: this vid is effin hilarious! lol


  1. These grandmas are so funny, the expression on their face is priceless.

    The sky is so blue and beautiful


  2. I tell you.. its like life! We walk through hastily, missing the delights, "forgetting to smell the roses"... I wonder if the account of life would be complete if we miss such detail.

    Beautiful pictures..

    - LDP

  3. What the heck with that video

  4. We miss some sweet things in life just because we're always rushing!

  5. Oh life is so beautiful when we take a minute to "smell the roses"

    Those grandmas, darn! i'm sure i'm deaf *coversears*. His tongue is as long as his #)(&#%$ So naughty.

    P.S: How are you doing? Packing your stuff and all huh? All the best with everything and come back soon

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  8. I looked out my window yday and I was like when did these flowers grow!!
    The sky looks really pretty!


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