Friday, May 18, 2012


Hello everyone. Its the weekend once again. Lets kick it off with some random thoughts:

Some of those lil hooligans that have been breaking into houses in my neighborhood got arrested the other day, not that it really matters because in a minute they'll be back out and back at it once again. All i can say is this is one makeshift neighborhood watch in Sanford that's actually doing what you're supposed to do. See something crazy- call the damn police and FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS!

And since we're on the topic of Trayvon Martin- i am so over this nonsense. I honestly don't even understand why there's a trial. There's nothing anyone can tell me that's ever going to change the fact that had George Zimmerman remained in his car that night like the police told him to, he wouldn't have killed anyone. How you can claim self defense in a fight you started (not to mention bringing a gun to a skittles and iced tea fight to begin with) is beyond me.

Every once in a blue moon i watch Mary Mary's reality show. I'm lyin a lil, this is only the 2nd episode i've ever seen. But um... HOT MESS DOT COM! I remember one of them finding out she was pregnant and then saying..."but i didn't want no more kids." Hmmm. You DO know where babies come from right??? #OkThen

I loooooooooooooooooove the Golden Girls. I can recite pretty much every single episode from start to finish. I'm gonna be so sad when Betty White passes on.

My brother just text me and asked me what kind of chocolate i want. Sometimes he's kinda awesome (even though im sure its my mommy who's really getting me the candy that i so desire lol)

Conversation with my mommy last night:
Mom: You should make dinner for us tonight
Me: Me, make dinner? You wanna live don't you?!?
Mom: Well what have you been doin all these years that you've not lived with us? It doesn't look like you've missed any meals so you've obviously been cooking something.
Me: Wait a minute, did you just make a fat joke???
Mom: I did not all i said was...
Me: all you said was that i'm fat mommy, i heard you!
Mom: urgh, whatever lil black girl
And thats how i got out of cooking dinner ^_^

What a friend we have in Jesus/All of our sins and griefs he'll bare/What a privilege to carry/Everything to God in prayer! (Im watching Mary Mary's show right now and the song came on...couldn't help singing along)

Be sure and say something nice to someone this weekend. Never know who's day it'll make. And to the person that's had an abundance of random nice things to say to me this past week or so (whether u meant it or not) - Thank You :)

Have a great weekend loveys!


  1. Lmao! Mothers...they are precious #SmiggleVoice. I can't imagine my mother being put off so easily from forcing me to make dinner. Maybe I will try your tactic one of these days. The thing is my mother thinks I'm too skinny. Maybe I will burst into tears and run out crying when she mentions it whilst asking me to do something....hmmmmm.

    Anyho, I'm sure you've done it over and over again, but pretty please do my Elevens cos...I tagged you. Let that be your nice deed for the weekend. Lol. Have a good one.

    1. Well good luck in tricking mommy dearest lol.

      As for the questions- will do and it shall be my good deed for the weekend :)

  2. You and your Mum! lol
    The Trevor Martin's case will have a funny outcome eventually. I am sure about that.

    - LDP

  3. I looooovve the Golden Girls!!! That;s why my mum's persona on my blog is Ma Petrillo...hahahah....
    LMAO @ ur conversation with your mum


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