Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Liebster Award

Gracias, Okeoghene for this award :)

So we're supposed to be shouting out other bloggers (with less than 200 followers) that we appreciate, are inspired by, blah blah blah. I originally had this whole mushy gushy post where i planned to spill my heart and deepest thoughts and appreciations for ppl but um...&%#$ that. Not today. So for the person i told to expect a special post today, i'm sorry that it turns out i lied to you a lil. I still might send you a special message just because i feel kinda bad lol. But for everyone else that i might've planned on hollerin at, I will just say that if you don't know by now that i like/love/adore/appreciate (whichever of those fit) you, then ask and i'll let you know! Who knows, by the time most of you read this i might be in the mood to give compliments.

Anywho, So i have this friend (you may recognize him from the Adventures in Gele Tying post) who recently made a music video. And since i luv him so, i am sharing it with you all. Enjoy.

I told you ppl we were just friends. Obviously Adaorah is his Fantasy Girl, not Ngozi! lol.

Moving right along: On Mother's Day we went out to dinner at Applebees (we're not fancy people o). When we got there, there was this family outside taking pictures. 3 things wrong with this scenario:

  1. The rude ass mofos were blockin the whole damn sidewalk
  2. They made a comment about how all 5 generations of the family were there...yet the oldest ppl there looked to only be about 60 years old at best
  3. They were dressed in their sunday best as if they were eating dinner at Chez Pierre or something.
Last thing: The summer semester has started. While i only have one class to take, i can already tell you it is going to kick my entire ass and half of yours as well! I probably should have read my syllabus more thoroughly when i got it a month and a half ago (as if getting it almost 2 months in advance was not enough warning for what i was getting myself into) because i'm dying already. Let me set the scene for you. I have class Friday 4-8:30, Saturday 8:30am (yes A-MUTHAFUCKIN-M as in, in the morning)-4:30pm and Sunday 1pm-4pm. By the first 3 class meetings i need to have: 
  • researched issues of retention/attrition within a protected group/demographic of my choice; 
  • read, write chapter by chapter summaries of, and compile a thorough list of test questions based off of 2 of my 5 textbooks; 
  • read, comprehend and be prepared to speak intelligently on 2 300+ page reports and a 3rd report thats about 30 or so pages, 
  • complete the 1st draft of a 15 page report/presentation though i have no idea what its about
And thats just the first weekend! This class is truly Satan's handiwork! But im almost done with book 1, skimmed through the reports and started flipping through book 2...so that's good. Well its a start at least. And the class only lasts a month, which is a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. But somehow in the mix of all of this, i'm supposed to be studying for my comprehensive exam which will be taking place a week or 2 after the class finishes. So on top of trying to do all this i also need to have in my head pretty much every single thing i've learned throughout my entire master's program. And no, they don't give the questions ahead of time. Yes they are all essays (7 to be exact...all of which should be at least 4 pages each) and you only get 3 hours to do it in. Nice. And people wonder why i have no desire to keep going with this nonsense and trying to get a doctorate (except i want that big fluffy hat and robe lol...one day if they start giving out Ph.Ds for underwater basket weaving maybe i'll take them up on it.) All i can say is thank goodness im temporarily unemployed cuz i surely would not have survived if i had to worry about a job too.

Hope everyone's week has been off to a great start :)


  1. Oooohhhhh, you sure are gona need those hugs *touches forehead* but i do see PhD in your future *runningaway*

  2. Wow... that summer class is definitely from hell, i hope you still get to enjoy Summer though.

    1. i hope so too! I'll be all over by July so if everything goes according to plan i should be having a great summer after that :)

  3. Wait did I just see, friday, saturday and sunday, hell to the nooooo!!!! wish u d best oh

    1. yes ma'am you did! my saving grace is that (by God's grace) i will be done with all of this in a month and a half and then its ta ta school, hello summer/real life


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