Saturday, May 19, 2012

Doing Good Deeds

This is my good deed for the weekend: Answer CherryWine's 11s Tag

The Questions

1.What is the one thing that frightens you the most? Losing the people that matter the most to me...
2.What song would you describe as your ‘theme song’ ie a song that best describes you or how you feel about yourself or certain issues? Get Along With You by Kelis
3.Kim Kardashian, the entire Jersey shore cast ( if they were formed into one body with a medusa head of all the cast members) and Nene Leakes; if you had one bullet, who would you shoot? I'd probably shoot myself in that scenario lol
4.What was the last most outrageous purchase you made? My college education...i'll be paying that off for the rest of forever
5.Is it best to have loved and lost or is it best to not love at all giving the possibility of heart break? Give reasons. (P:S: No BS sappy and generic answers too) I'd rather have never loved at all than deal with that bitch called heartbreak! At least then i don't know what i'm missing or the ridiculous amount of pain that comes when you lose it.
6.Tattoos or piercings. Which do you prefer and why? (‘neither’ is not an answer) Piercing i guess because they're pretty much guaranteed to stay the same whereas a tattoo will change as your body changes. (I have neither in real life- not even my ears)
7.Who do you love the most, your brother or your boyfriend? (If married, replace with husband) Give reasons I don't have a boyfriend so by default i have to say my brother lol. But i would say that the love i have for my brother is not the same and thus can't be compared to the love i'd have for my bf/spouse.
8.Is revenge ever justified? Give reasons Depends on who is trying to justify it. I'm sure if Billy raped Susie and the Susies brother Jimmy killed Billy, Susie's people might see it as justified but Billy's people wouldn't.
9.Is religion an important consideration in a relationship? Give reasons Of course. But whats important about it is not whether or not its present, but if the two people are on the same page about it.
10.If you were president for a day, what is the first thing you would do? Forgive all student loan debts that were accrued before 2009
11. What is your first memory of being aware of/attracted to someone of the opposite sex? When i was about 6 or so, there was this cuuuuuuuute older boy at the after-school center i used to go to. Henry Hall (or something like that) was his name. #Dreamy

The people i tagged in my first round of this 11 jazz that i'm still waiting on (please feel free to go throw rocks at them):
Single Nigerian
Naija Rookie


  1. I think I would shoot myself in that scenario also, :(

    You're such a softie too, I think it's better to have loved...

    1. I'm a major softie. nobody believes me tho lol.

  2. lol @My college education...i'll be paying that off for the rest of forever.

    Love the answers.

    1. Its true, the amount of student loan debt i have is astronomical


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