Thursday, May 24, 2012

C'mon Man, Really?!?

A paedophile teacher who repeatedly raped a pupil under the pretence of giving her "extra science tuition" has been told he will be jailed for "a very long time".
Croydon Crown Court heard Ogunsola subjected the girl to three years of terror, telling her to wear skirts with no underwear so it was easier to have sex with her.
keith ogunsolaProsecutor Hanna Llewellyn-Waters told how the girl was intimidated into thinking no-one would believe her story against a teacher. When the pupil told Nigerian-born Ogunsola she wanted a boyfriend he "ripped off her clothes and raped her again".
But it is not the first time Ogunsola has been in court for sexually harrassing a student. In 2008, he grabbed a 14-year-old pupil and stuck his tongue in her mouth while they were in his school office.

He also asked girls in his chemistry class whether they had performed oral sex.
The court heard he had already been warned by the school's headteacher about his conduct with female students before the assaults took place. Ogunsola was cleared of two sexual assaults at that school in 2000 and another sexual assault at a different school in 2006.
Despite this, he was spared jail because of his "weak heart".
Ogunsola was told by the presiding judge: "You are going to prison for a very long time."


What the actual fuck?!? This doesn't even make any sense. So not only did this child have to endure this disgusting man, but there were others before and after her? At more than one school? And the school KNEW about it? At what point were they planning to (at least) fire this dude? When he freaking killed someone? Even if there is doubt, you need to at least put him on some sort of leave til the situation can be sorted out rather than let him continue to have easy access to young girls. SMDH. And add insult to injury, he hasn't been jailed because of a "weak heart"??? His heart wasn't too weak to rape/molest lil girls. Nasty Mofo.


  1. I dont know how to respond to this. It's strange. Very strange.

  2. What the eff is wrong with the world?!!

  3. Replies
    1. i don't know how many cheaters and/or child molesters actually do...

  4. Uhmmm... Wow.
    I mean if it were college.. but 14yrs old?!

    Yeah... I'll stop before my face changes at work... smh

  5. as in YUCK!!!!!...seriously Yuck!!!
    WTH is wrong with the man's body?...and yet He has a weak heart...cant believe they allow men like this walk the street for a while before they put him behind bars!!!a big Hiss

  6. What sort of nonsense and name spoiler is this man sef? This is how stereotypes begin again... May God have mercy on this generation.

    - LDP

  7. Men like this ought to be hanged,not just jailed.Ok,maybe that's a bit extreme,but WTF?

    I'm following your blog,please check and follow my blog too.

  8. He has a weak heart because of his enormous girth! They better take his fat ass to jail. Reprehensible twat! The most sickening of it all for some reason was when it was reported that he stuck his tongue down someone's throat having asked "do you want a kiss?" YUCK! Can you just imagine the disgusting and lecherous way in which he said it? Jail!Jail!!Jail!!!

    1. I can imagine it and that just makes it even worse. I can picture it perfectly, smh. Some men are just...blech.

  9. Jesus,this is just gross!


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