Saturday, May 12, 2012


Okeoghene and Uche have tagged me in this 11 thingy-thangy. Thank you for thinkin of me ladies. Lets get into it-
Here's how it works:
** Post rules
** Post 11 random things about yourself
** Answer questions posted by the person who tagged you
**Create 11 questions and tag 11 people to answer your questions
**Notify those tagged of the game
** Notify the person who tagged you after you have answered the questions
** No tag backs

Now to the game

-Since i got tagged twice, im gonna skip the random 11 facts and just dive into the questions-

Okeoghene's Questions:
1. What is your middle name? Ngozi
2. Favorite food? Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo
3. Favorite board game? um...idk. I wanna say Yahtzee but thats not really a board game
4. Favorite Nigerian musician? Depends on the mood i'm in
5. Education or fame? education of course
6. What grinds your gears? so many things...
7. Books or movies? movies mostly but a good book is awesome too
8. Favorite movie? I have so many. I'm gonna go with Tangled
9. Earth, Wind, Water or Fire? Which describes you? Wind
10. Legacy? What would you like to be remembered for? Um i don't think it matters if you're dead
11. If you are not you, who would you like to be? everybody has problems so i might as well be me and deal with the ones i already own/know about (but honestly i'd like to be Oprah for a day lol)

Uche's Questions:
1. What would you do with your life if you knew money would never be a problem? Travel, volunteer, put some away for my the education of my lil ones (kids, nieces, nephews, etc)
2. Do you believe in one soul mate for each person? If i believed that then i'd have to admit my soul is a loosey-goose cuz we've found "the one" at least twice already
3. When last did you cry? Wednesday May 9th at 5:52pm
4. What would you change about yourself if you could, physically or otherwise? you can always change things about yourself. Once i get off my lazy ass and change it, i'll report back to you guys lol
5. Books or movies?  *see above answer*
6. What was the most fun you had this week? Hanging out with *blank* on monday
7. Have you ever struggled with an addiction (you don’t have to say what)? I think i'm addicted to the internet when i don't have anything else pressing to do
8. What’s the quickest way for a member of the opposite sex to get your attention? by being hot lol
9. Do you like or show public displays of affection? love it...unless im feeling bitter and other ppl are clawing all over each other...then i hate it!
10. Are you currently holding a grudge against anyone? um, not a grudge, but there's some pent up hostility
11. What is the quickest way for a member of the opposite sex to lose your interest? smoking, being rude/disrespectful, B.O.

Who i'm tagging:
1 9ja-Great
2 Adede
3 Naija Rookie
4 John Doe aka Single Nigerian
5 HoneyDame
6 Ginger
7 Toin
8 Ade
9 Coy Introvert
10 Rhapsody
11 TSN

My questions to you:
1 Whats the last book you read?
2 If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
3 What countries have you visited (other than your country of birth)?
4 If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
5 Why do you blog?
6 How old are you?
7 What is your favorite body part on the opposite sex (or same sex if thats what floats your boat)?
8 When's the last time you had relations?
8a (for you shy ppl) Whats the craziest/silliest thing you've ever done?
9 What is your least favorite food?
10 Do you have any pets?
11 whats one thing you've been dying to tell me?


  1. LOL @'3. When last did you cry? Wednesday May 9th at 5:52pm'
    How come you remember the date and time?

    1. well i wrote this post like the next day if not that same night. and the situation that caused the tears was still heavy on my mind when i was writing...

      How are you though. I've missed you around here!

  2. Interesting...

    Cldnt stop loling at #2 and #4 answers to Uche's questions lo.

    U r funny! lol

    - LDP

  3. Books rock my world!! I'm such a geek lol

    1. Before school took over my life i practically lived in the library. I miss non-academic reading (even though the lit i reading now is actually kinda interesting lol)

  4. lol. Thanks for the tag but i already did mine but i could answer and send to you tho.
    I like em hawt too ;)

    I kinda figured you to be somewhere between earth and fire actually :)

    1. lol- girl don't even worry about it.

      I did struggle with that earth wind water fire question. i just randomly picked wind cuz thats how i felt at the moment lol.

  5. LOL! we all like them "hot"
    Thank u for d tag, I'm on it!

    1. LOL, you know some people will pretend that they aren't moved by looks!


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