Monday, April 30, 2012

I Still Believe

I tweeted the following a few days ago:

LOL, but its true. If not for P-Square i would have given up on this love rubbish a long time ago. Like seriously any P-Squsre song that comes on i'm like:
Ifunanya, No One Like You, I Love You, Forever...singing to my soul!

The only thing more ridiculous than the fact the i tweeted that statement (and the fact that its partially true) is that someone else RETWEETED it lol

Sidenote: My weekend has been kinda bananas. I am on duty for work and i assumed that since its the end of the year and the residents are all in the process of moving out that it'd be a pretty quiet duty week for me. WRONG! But instead of it being resident issues, there's been a buttload of facilities and maintenance issues. I swear in the span of like 2 hours i got over 10 calls. And they all came in little clusters. I was really about to throw the duty phone out of the window. Add to that, on the days that the phone stayed relatively quiet, something batshit crazy would happen at like 4 am. SMH. It'll all be over soon though.

I also got to speak to my homie T this weekend too. It was a really great conversation. Lasted like 4 hours lol. I feel bad that we haven't spoken in like over a year. We definitely had A LOT of catching up to do. But i'm glad things are going well for him and it warms my heart to hear him talk about his gf (with whom he'll be celebrating his 2 year anniversary with next month- i honestly thought they had been together longer than that *Kanye Shrug*)

Since i'm on duty and can't go any further than 15 minutes from campus, i've pretty much been chillin in my apartment. And since classes are done- i didn't have much to do. Which gave me a lot of time for thought, prayer and reflection. And i've really started coming to terms with things (although there are some things still hanging in the air).

Other Sidenote: I don't know how people have the balls to go to the store and ask for a pack/box of dutches. Like...we ALL know what they are used for. I guess people just dgaf! Like, i was in the convenience store at the gas station sunday night buying a Mystik Orange Carrot Juice (that stuff is effing delicious by the way and was the catalyst that started a previous relationship -don't ask lol) and these dusty ass broads were in line ahead of me. The girl gets to the register and asks if she can get 2 packs of dutches. The guy behind the register was like, well its more cost effective if you buy *blah blah blah* to which the girl replies "well we're just gonna crack em open anyway so it doesn't really matter"
C'mon b, we already know you're buying those dutches so you can go smoke but damn, you didn't have to spell it out for us. I was just hopin and prayin that she didn't live on campus because i was not in the mood to have to come out to a drug-related incident that night.

**For the benefit of those who are unaware,  "Dutches" or Dutch Masters are a brand of cigars that are commonly used to roll blunts. Phillies are an alternative. I'm sure there are probably tons of others but i'm not a smoker so...yeah.


  1. You know, i tell myself i'm not a P Square fan but i love practically all their songs. They have a certain way about them and their songs and i just can't stay away. I even downloaded the "chop my money". Guess i'm still in denial.

    1. People (mostly boys lol) used to make fun of me being a p-square fan. But they knew all the words to all their songs too lol.

  2. I love psquare songs so much!!!!!! I was really praying you'd tell us what dutches were and u did. I was going to google it, if I didn't see an explanation lol

    1. hehehe, I almost didn't define it but i figured there were some innocents out there that probably wouldn't know about them


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