Thursday, April 5, 2012

I must...

See these movies! These previews are completely NSFW so if you are in the workplace or around small children, HEADPHONES!!! #YouveBeenWarned

Doesn't this look freaking hilarious?!? None of my teddy bears were ever this cool. (Except for Dino...before my mother killed him. Long story for another day)

I'm sure seeing this is going to cost me a small fortune and will be an epic waste of my time considering that i've seen this movie at least 1000 times, have it on DVD and VHS, and can pretty much recite the movie word for word. But I love it. And the pervy side of me is very curious about what the nude/sex scenes are gonna be like in 3d lol. Like is Rose's boob gonna come flying outta the screen or what? #ImSorry

As an American Pie enthusiast, I feel like it is my civic duty, nee responsibility to see this movie.


  1. Yeah i wanna see TED, but the rest..... errrrr, not so much, i have seen Titanic before, and im not too big on the American Pie Franchise.

    1. Don't like American Pie?!? c'mon son, i can't love u anymore!

  2. Ted sure sounds like it gonna be a very cool movie.

  3. Im going to have to go with American Reunion but it's just not what I would go to the movies to see... maybe for AM cinema when its $6 lol.. but I might wait til redbox...

    HOWEVER......ANYTHING Mark Wahlberg and I'm in...


  4. I like American pie, but not enough to see at the cinema. Def going to see Titanic, as for 3D sex, lol...

    Meh...Ted is too out there gratuitous for me.

  5. Hilarious:DDDD
    Love those videos!
    U have a cute pink blog<3:)
    Thanks for sharing:D

    Following you:)
    It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

    Have a sparkling day!

  6. very nice to watch it
    btw lets follow each other


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