Friday, April 6, 2012

I long for london

Never really spoke about my trip so here ya go...

The Hotel
I stayed in Earl's Court at a place called Enterprise Hotel on Hogarth Rd *which we affectionately nicknamed Hogwarts lol*. The lobby was so nice...the room- not so much. I had always heard the hotel rooms were really tiny in London but DAMN. And the walls were paper thin. I can't tell you how many illicit conversations i overheard during my trip. Thankfully i'm a really heavy sleeper so i missed a lot of crazy convos that my bestie happened to pick up on lol.

The Tube
I don't know why but for some reason i am totally in love with the London Underground. I mean i am a new yorker, its not as if i've never been on the subway before. In fact, i was in NY the day before i went to london and was galavanting about on the subway, LIRR, and the Long Island Bus. I honestly think its that cute lil british accent that the announcer has lol. I swear i still walk around saying "please mind the gap between the train and the platform" in her voice lol. I also developed an affinity for the name "cockfosters" and now know how to pronounce "gloucester" though i do not understand what with Brits and extra letters in their words.

Oh can i just say what an epic pain in the ass it was that the "lifts" in Earl's Court station did not work! And me with my 49.5 lb suitcase plus carryon bags and such trying to get to the street was a sight to behold.

Going to McDonalds and KFC and Nando's (praise the Lord for finally being able to take that off my bucket list) was very interesting in both London and Paris. Aside from the fact that the food tasted like actual food and not whatever it is they feed us in the states (and that my fanta was made from what tasted like actual orange and again not whatever it is they fill my cup with over here), i found it very strange that people just plop down at the table with you. Like, i could never imagine such a thing happening here. It was actually really uncomfortable to me. Have some weird somebody chomping down on their burger in your face...but what could i do other than push myself as far back from the table as possible and pretend they weren't there. Oh and nobody threw out their own trash which was strange to me too.
And Nando's was effing delicious. We went twice lol. Since we were in London, we just had to get fish and chips- very disappointing. Some other places we ate were:
Hong Kong Buffet (Lisle St. near National Gallery)
"Good Life" Diner (Ganton St)
Eat. (ate there at least 5 times, usually for breakfast or light lunch)
Cornish Bakehouse (in Earl's Court Station)

Man, walking around London...i was like a kid in candy land! Everything was so amazing to me. Even seeing "Poundland" was a sight to behold. I really wasn't expecting it lol. If i had a lil less shame i'd upload some of my "walking around" videos. There's still so many places I wanna go but i did get to visit:
The British Museum
The Tate Britain
The National Gallery
St. Paul's Cathedral
The New Change shopping mall
Trafalgar Square
Icebar (even though i found out a week later there's an Icebar like 30 minutes from my apartment -_- )
Picadilly Circus
Kensington Palace
Portobello Market
Big Ben/House of Parliament/Westminster Abbey
Winter Wonderland @ Hyde Park. (That place was a madhouse. So many people. AND i ruined my favorite sneakers there *sad face*)

Didn't really do too much nightlife type stuff. My bestie is boring in that way and to be honest, its probably not the best idea to be traipsing about in a foreign country alone after hours. So other than the Icebar and the one night i went out with my cousin and my uncle we pretty much spent the evening hours indoors.

I was so scared that i was going to run out of money that i didn't do much shopping :( That's not to say that we didn't look around...a lot. Harrods and Selfridges (as well as the rest of Oxford St.) of course. And we took a stroll around brompton rd and sloane st. And Carnaby Street, almost forgot about that. Also spent way too much time in Boots, Sainsbury, and the Co-Op on earl's court rd near our hotel.

Paris, as much as i complain, was pretty cool. I think i've just become more appreciative of the fact that i've traveled (which may not seem like a big deal to some but it is. Not everyone has a passport, and even people who have one don't always get the opportunity to use it.) Of course with the language barrier it was kinda hard to get around. The hotel, though small, was gorgeous. It was called Eiffel Seine (which was only a hop skip and jump away from the Eiffel Tower) if you're ever in the area... We were only there for 2 days but did manage to spend some time in the Louvre, La Duree, The Eiffel Tower, and on one of those double decker tour buses to see all the other stuff we didn't have time to explore. Not to mention that we spent at least 3 hours walking around lost. But seeing Mr. Super Sexy Man in McDonalds was well worth the headache!
Oh and stopping at Monoprix and picking up that french bread that i smuggled back in my luggage that my family subsequently ate all of...good times.
And we stopped by the Fragonard Perfume Museum (my friend is fascinated with smell goods). I did buy some stuff for myself though. Make myself feel "cultured" lol
*The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower at night is freaking amazing!*

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter (to those that celebrate it- however you celebrate it) in advance :)


  1. Cute blog sweetie:<3

    Wanna follow each other?

    Have a nice day!

  2. You apparently had an amazing time. Now adding Eiffel tower @night to my bucket list :)

  3. Why you didn't do Covent Garden is beyond me. Did you at least go to the South Bank like I told you to? Seems to me like you just stayed in Central London which is fine but I'm sure you money wouldn't have stretched.

    I think next time, I'll have to take you around. (Psssst: Up until 3 years ago, I still laughed at 'Cockfosters'. Yes, I'm 12.) Methinks you liked the Tube because it was clean. Man, NY subway never ceases to amaze me. I once found that someone had defecated all over the seat and taken the time to smear it around the backrests in a rather creative swirl. Needless to say, I always stand in NY now.

    You sound like you had fun though which is always a good thing!

  4. likeeee your blog lovely,
    keep posting and go for it!!! :)


  5. I love reading travel stories and you paint a nice picture :)
    LOL@your fascination with Poundland and Cockfoster
    #Tube: Wonder if you ever rode the tube at peak hours..and still loved it?
    #Food: A Londoner friend of mine complained bitterly about American food after his visit. Your comment confirms it.
    On behalf of the Queen, I'm glad you enjoyed ur stay :)

    #NY - Nwunye just had to spoil my image of NY people with that shit story.


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