Monday, April 30, 2012

I Still Believe

I tweeted the following a few days ago:

LOL, but its true. If not for P-Square i would have given up on this love rubbish a long time ago. Like seriously any P-Squsre song that comes on i'm like:
Ifunanya, No One Like You, I Love You, Forever...singing to my soul!

The only thing more ridiculous than the fact the i tweeted that statement (and the fact that its partially true) is that someone else RETWEETED it lol

Sidenote: My weekend has been kinda bananas. I am on duty for work and i assumed that since its the end of the year and the residents are all in the process of moving out that it'd be a pretty quiet duty week for me. WRONG! But instead of it being resident issues, there's been a buttload of facilities and maintenance issues. I swear in the span of like 2 hours i got over 10 calls. And they all came in little clusters. I was really about to throw the duty phone out of the window. Add to that, on the days that the phone stayed relatively quiet, something batshit crazy would happen at like 4 am. SMH. It'll all be over soon though.

I also got to speak to my homie T this weekend too. It was a really great conversation. Lasted like 4 hours lol. I feel bad that we haven't spoken in like over a year. We definitely had A LOT of catching up to do. But i'm glad things are going well for him and it warms my heart to hear him talk about his gf (with whom he'll be celebrating his 2 year anniversary with next month- i honestly thought they had been together longer than that *Kanye Shrug*)

Since i'm on duty and can't go any further than 15 minutes from campus, i've pretty much been chillin in my apartment. And since classes are done- i didn't have much to do. Which gave me a lot of time for thought, prayer and reflection. And i've really started coming to terms with things (although there are some things still hanging in the air).

Other Sidenote: I don't know how people have the balls to go to the store and ask for a pack/box of dutches. Like...we ALL know what they are used for. I guess people just dgaf! Like, i was in the convenience store at the gas station sunday night buying a Mystik Orange Carrot Juice (that stuff is effing delicious by the way and was the catalyst that started a previous relationship -don't ask lol) and these dusty ass broads were in line ahead of me. The girl gets to the register and asks if she can get 2 packs of dutches. The guy behind the register was like, well its more cost effective if you buy *blah blah blah* to which the girl replies "well we're just gonna crack em open anyway so it doesn't really matter"
C'mon b, we already know you're buying those dutches so you can go smoke but damn, you didn't have to spell it out for us. I was just hopin and prayin that she didn't live on campus because i was not in the mood to have to come out to a drug-related incident that night.

**For the benefit of those who are unaware,  "Dutches" or Dutch Masters are a brand of cigars that are commonly used to roll blunts. Phillies are an alternative. I'm sure there are probably tons of others but i'm not a smoker so...yeah.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What Lies Ahead

Its the end of the semester. I'm done with classes. These annoying ass residents are packing their stuff and moving out. My contract is nearly complete at work which means soon (aside from classes and having weekly mini-meltdowns as i study for my comprehensive exams) i'll have some time to relax without having to worry about duty, or meetings or RAs or deadlines or projects. But as my graduate career is coming to an end and i start looking for jobs out in the real world, that nervousness that i felt before is starting to creep back up on me.

So like i said, i'm looking for a job. My first job as a "professional" in my field. I'd be lying if i didn't say the whole situation has me scared out of my wits. What if i can't find a job? What if i do find a job and i realize i hate it? What if I do find a job but it doesn't pay enough to sustain me? What if i can only find a job a million miles away?

Then there are the lifetime what i want to be a "lifer" (stay in the same job or at the same institution until its time to retire)? What of my spouse...student affairs is a "move up and move out" profession, most people don't stay in any position or at any institution for too will that effect my familial life?

Obviously i can't let all those 'what ifs' stop me cuz i still very much so need to find gainful employment since those student loan people won't get off my back. But it is just so nerve-wracking. And i don't want to make the wrong decision. I can totally see myself jumping at the first job offer i receive (God willing) just out of excitement and apprehension about whether or not i'll receive another if i pass that one up. With that in mind i have been trying to only apply to jobs that i know i really REALLY want.

But lets not put the cart before the horse. I need to freaking pass this last class and my exams so i can graduate first.

Prayers, well-wishes, hugs and kisses are welcome cuz i definitely feel like one day my head is just going to explode!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please, Take a Seat!

No this man did not just tell me to let him show me how my pu$$y works! Brian McKnight, your old ass cannot show me a damn thing! I'm gonna need for you to take a seat somewhere sir. Don't e'em make no sense!!!

The song is kinda catchy though lol

Monday, April 23, 2012

Adventures in Gele Tying and other mischief

*WARNING* somewhat of a long post ahead

So as you might remember, tying a seriously epic, traffic-stopping perfect gele has been on my bucket-list for a while now. The first time i tied one (many years back), that shit was perfect. I mean PER-FECT. To this day, i do not know why i didn't take a picture. I guess i assumed that if i could tie it perfectly on the first go round, it would only get better as i continued.

Sadly that was not the case. I mentioned I was going to one big African soiree. Well this weekend was it. I got a new outfit (clearly i either don't know how to measure myself or my weight is shifting cuz the thing was huge on me- but thats not the point), went rumaging for some heels, managed to pull an afterparty outfit together...but that damn gele! It just would not cooperate. SMH. for so long i was fussing and fighting with that thing. At one point i said screw this, i'm not even going anymore if this thing does not decide to act right!

Well after lots of time, energy, blood, sweat, tears and frustration, i managed to tie something...definitely not anywhere near as stunning as i had hoped but since i had not done my hair, something needed to cover it. And here we go....

Sigh...if nothing else, i've learned the art of patience from this experience. I mean, the thing did not turn out that bad i got tons of compliments on my "look". Apparently i looked very "regal" but i think its cuz not that many other people rocked trad/native so there wasn't much to compare me to.

Anywho, on to my other mischief.

Shouts to those people who have been dabbling in my life outside of blogsville- whether its twitter, fb, skype, IM, phone- i appreciate you o!

I saw one very fine guy at that event. I had not seen him in a loooooong time. I swear i must've hugged him for like 10 minutes lol. I was just so happy to be seeing him again. He's such cool people.

The after party, na wa oh. Oh, this waist, hips and ass of mine...too much trouble lol. Clearly, i don't get out often enough because i was acting a straight up fool that night lol. Awesome times were definitely had. Suffice it to say there were a number of times throughout the party that i had an audience. What can i say, i love to dance!
speaking of dancing...there is a video of me *JOKINGLY* doing that damn azonto floating around the internet lol. Nope, i will not be posting it or giving any hints on where to find it!

At one point in the evening, i was dancing with one guy. Then another guy came up behind me and started doing whatever. Then the original guy tapped out and this other equally sexy guy tagged was very weird.  It literally was like a game of musical chairs (my homegirl called it a game of "musical Jen" lol) But i was already tipsy so i just went with the flow.

I have A LOT of sexy guy friends. Geez

My friend insists that me and this dude should get married. She said we look cute together and we're both Igbo (because of course thats all that matters) lol. Well my mom likes him so that's already like a million points in his favor, not to mention the bajillion shout outs he gave me during the show and the after party. (before you jump to any conclusions, no, we are in no way shape form or fashion on any type of dating/relating/marriage track! we're just friends)

Liquor definitely has a way of just sneaking up on me. My head was POUNDING by the end of the night. I didn't think i drank that much but i guess i was wrong. But all the same, thank goodness for generous friends with generous wallets. Me, pay for my own drinks? #NeverThat

If you read the 2nd  installment of "the people i meet" you will remember me talking about iyawo mi...well i got to see her (and her adorable niece) this weekend as well. Perfect timing too because in less than 2 weeks she'll be off to medical school and the Lord only knows when the next time i'll see her will be (it actually is supposed to be December 2012 in Ajah, but we'll see how that goes).

So there you have it. My weekend, in a nutshell. Theres so much more but i dont feel like typing anymore lol. Hope you all had great weekends too!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Feelings suck

Yeah, thats pretty much it.

Have a good weekend!

Oh yeah, it's 4/20...blaze it up if thats what you do! lol

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I got a feeling!

 Tuesday was a pretty good freaking day! Went to an interview for a candidate for an assistant director position in my department (its annoying but also awesome that i get to interview such people). Spent the day in the office avoiding drama and nonsense mostly- there were a few moments where i felt like choking the life out of people but its ok. Then last night we had our staff recognition night for the RAs. It was a potluck so there was tons of food, laughs, my committee made awards (in other words I made the awards- do i sound a little bitter?) and i was surprised with a nice gift from my boss:

a card, candy, and our staff photo

my trophy :) i love it (its glass) so pretty- please dont mind the reflection and ghetto background lol
All in all, a pretty good day. :-D

Monday, April 16, 2012


I'm pretty sure i was molested by a 6-month old over the weekend. Damn kids. Its not really surprising that babies are obsessed with boobs...

they're fluffy and make great pillows...

they're filled with food....

and they're not too bad to look at. what more can an infant ask for?

Well in this particular case, the baby can ask for boobs that actually belong to him!!! So here's my story:

I went to a baby shower (yes another one) this past weekend and like half the people there have babies already. I went to hold baby Savant (who is such a lil cutie, btw) now that he's big enough for me not to be terrified of holding him. The first thing lil man zones in on were the girls. And maybe it was my own fault for rockin a v-neck in conjunction with having a decent size set of twins...but that's beside the point.

Anyway, he's just staring at em, and droolin...and the next thing i know he just grabbed one and started if he was a full grown man. Where the hell did he learn that from?!? Anywho, then he starts lickin his lil lips and makes a motion for them. I had to stop him and say, no buddy those are not for you! There's no food in there anyway lol. And do you know what this lil boy did???Futurama! He slapped me!!!
Hot mutha-effin mess! Babies and their boobies obsession. I can just imagine what goes through their little minds when they find out their access to the teet will one day be cut off....

Have a great week everyone!
♥Lady Ngo

PS: while we're on the subject of boobs-

and no, they are not porno links lol.

PPS: Totally off topic but i'm STILL waiting for someone to tell me what "African culture" is supposed to be. *angryface*

Friday, April 13, 2012

Taking it back...Part 2

I realized that in my original post i inadvertently excluded the divas of the 70s/80s music scene. Shame on me! I'm here to make up for that today:

(c'mon man, you know I had to do it!)

Of course this post is nowhere near exhaustive. We all know the jams of Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summers, Gladys Knight, etc.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Yesterday was my last day at my internship

Yesterday my ex hit me up with some bull- i hope he steps on a rusty nail and gets tetanus! I also hope the tetanus is cured and he goes on to live a long happy life. Bastard.


I have not filed my taxes if Tax Day is not in less than a week. smh

I bought some strawberries and some ice cream today...mmmm, someone's gonna have a sexy weekend! in case you were wondering, that someone is definitely not me lol

You gotta be careful about who you trust and who you call friend. Some people have no problem throwing your ass under the bus while they smile in your face!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The people i meet (3): Passive-Aggressive Flirts

We all know i'm a flirt. This is pure honest to goodness factual information. But i'm an obvious flirt. I don't play coy. If i'm flirting with you, you know it! I don't do this passive-aggressive nonsense (unless i'm in a setting that requires it- like at work and the boss is over my shoulder.).

Anywho, so there are these 2 gentlemen that have been making life one awkward moment after another for the past few months or so. Now don't get me wrong, i enjoy a riveting game of cat and mouse as much as the next chick, but eventually that game needs to actually lead somewhere (if for no other reason than to prove the flirtation was real and not just some fantasy created in my sexually frustrated brain)!

So guy #1- he's a hottie, he can flirt with me any damn time he wants!!! lol. But i honestly don't even know what to make of the situation. I don't know if he's just a nice guy or what. Like there was a period of time where he would constantly be making idle chit chat with me. He would bring me lunch. Always suggest that we go out for dinner, drinks, to hang out, etc. And there would be the random comments. Like the other day i was telling him how i didn't fall asleep until like 5am and he was like "what? who kept you up all that time? you better not be cheating on me woman" And he said it in a "haha, jk but really not jk" kind of way. I walked away thinking to myself, hmmm...did i misread the jokey part or did i misread the serious part?

Guy #2- there's a crazy energy that exists between us. I haven't been quite able to put my finger on what it really is. To be honest, the guy kinda intimidates me a little bit. Not in a scary kinda way cuz lets face it, i'm a thug and if he wanna throw hands, we can throw hands. But idk, its just weird. I remember one time we were together and he was looking at me and it just freaked me out. It felt like he was staring into my soul, unlocking all my secrets lol. Anywho, this dude- its always something. We have the weirdest exchanges. For example, i sent him a little note congratulating him on something and the "quote" on it is you make me wanna shout. So he read the note and he thanked me for it, then out of nowhere he was like "oh so i make you wanna shout, huh?" (o_0). Then the other day he left me a note saying "I hope you're having a wonderful day. I'm gonna miss our time together. ♥ *insert name here*" At this point i want something (something family-friendly of course) to happen just so i know what to make of this so we can move on with our lives lol.

Like i said the cat mouse game, the passive aggressive flirting...its cool up until a point. That shit can't go on forever. Someone needs to come and pay my bride price make a move already.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The people i meet (2): People I Miss

I was taking one of my random trips down memory lane last night and there are just so many people that I don't keep up with like I should. I'm really bad about that. Like i'm seriously allergic to the phone. I hardly even call my own mother (not that i really have to since she only 30-45 minutes away- but still) so you know i rarely take the time to call my friends. Its awful, i know. I'm trying to change though. So here's a short list of people in life that i'm missing:

My Besties

My sisters, the women that gave birth to my Godchildren. We have literally been through it all. Over 15 years of friendship. Its crazy. Its been forever and a day since we've been in the same place at the same time. We went from living across the street from each (and around the corner) to living across the country from each other (and across the state). *sad face* This pic was taken, i wanna say when were about 16 years old. Please do not let the innocent smiles fool you lol. Life was one humongous roller coaster ride with these women but i wouldn't have traded most (not all- there are definitely a few occasions i think we could have done without) of our experiences for the world.

My Special Pookie

My "Special" Pookie lol. I have no idea where this dude disappeared to but we were definitely hanging tough during my freshman year of college and well into my sophomore and junior year as well. I can't even really tell you how we met cuz i have absolutely no idea other than the fact that facebook (back when fb was only for college students) had something to do with it and the first time we ever actually hung out was for my 19th bday (which was the same day we took the pic above). Funny story about the pookie thing- i call everyone by a pet name. I am awful at calling people by their actual names- especially once i went Greek, too many people knew me and its crazy rude to keep tellin ppl over and over that u don't know who the hell they are so i adopted a policy of smile, wave and say "hey *pet name* how are you". Anywayz, so i used to call him (and everyone else) Pookie. And the day he came to my dorm for my bday party i went down to get the door for him and i saw another girl i knew and when she greeted me i replied "hey pookie, how are you". Now this pookie looked at me and said, "wtf, i thought i was your pookie?!? All this time i thought that name was special for me..." to which i replied with an extremely hearty laugh and then an apology. I told him from then on he would be my "special" pookie, and he has been. I've since been known (to him at least) as Mama Pookie or Mama Pookes lol. Man we had some good times. I luv that dude. I don't know where he is but i hope life is treating him well. (Interesting sidenote: i don't call anyone pookie anymore. i wonder why that is)

My Wifey

Iyawo mi! Nwunye'm! My #1 Lady! I actually just talked to her over the weekend and we have plans to meet up in the near future. But i miss her desperately. Its been almost a year since we've seen each other and even then, it was only for a few minutes. Its funny, i met her so many times before i actually knew who she was. Then bam, outta nowhere she became like one of my favorite people in the world! You know how you have someone that you can share anything with? That's my Toyin! We talk about everything- all the local gossip, life, love, drama, school, family...EVERYTHING. Not to mention how she held me down as my Vice President during my Presidential term in the African Students Association (in addition to forcing me to run for that position lol). Needless to say, i am crazy excited to see her soon :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

The people i meet: Men make baby showers fun!

I went to my friend's surprise baby shower this past weekend (too bad someone ruined the surprise a week earlier) and i overheard some girls talking about how they were glad it was a co-ed baby shower because it wouldn't have been as loud and lively if it were just women. I don't know if thats true...i've been to baby showers where there were only women there and may not have been loud and crazy but there were definitely some interesting conversations going on lol. But i digress. The men definitely did make the night hilarious (in addition to the fact that there were 3 preggos there and they had a makeshift pregnant azonto dance competition lol. Its sad when 8+ months pregnant women have better dance moves than you. *hangs head in shame*)

*sorry you have to break your neck to watch. When i rotated it, i lost the sound so i decided to just leave it this way*

Me and my buddy Ben (i actually wrote about him here- bet ya can't guess which one he is lol)

My boo Tony
Men may spice up baby showers but i STILL was the first one to win a prize!

Friday, April 6, 2012

I long for london

Never really spoke about my trip so here ya go...

The Hotel
I stayed in Earl's Court at a place called Enterprise Hotel on Hogarth Rd *which we affectionately nicknamed Hogwarts lol*. The lobby was so nice...the room- not so much. I had always heard the hotel rooms were really tiny in London but DAMN. And the walls were paper thin. I can't tell you how many illicit conversations i overheard during my trip. Thankfully i'm a really heavy sleeper so i missed a lot of crazy convos that my bestie happened to pick up on lol.

The Tube
I don't know why but for some reason i am totally in love with the London Underground. I mean i am a new yorker, its not as if i've never been on the subway before. In fact, i was in NY the day before i went to london and was galavanting about on the subway, LIRR, and the Long Island Bus. I honestly think its that cute lil british accent that the announcer has lol. I swear i still walk around saying "please mind the gap between the train and the platform" in her voice lol. I also developed an affinity for the name "cockfosters" and now know how to pronounce "gloucester" though i do not understand what with Brits and extra letters in their words.

Oh can i just say what an epic pain in the ass it was that the "lifts" in Earl's Court station did not work! And me with my 49.5 lb suitcase plus carryon bags and such trying to get to the street was a sight to behold.

Going to McDonalds and KFC and Nando's (praise the Lord for finally being able to take that off my bucket list) was very interesting in both London and Paris. Aside from the fact that the food tasted like actual food and not whatever it is they feed us in the states (and that my fanta was made from what tasted like actual orange and again not whatever it is they fill my cup with over here), i found it very strange that people just plop down at the table with you. Like, i could never imagine such a thing happening here. It was actually really uncomfortable to me. Have some weird somebody chomping down on their burger in your face...but what could i do other than push myself as far back from the table as possible and pretend they weren't there. Oh and nobody threw out their own trash which was strange to me too.
And Nando's was effing delicious. We went twice lol. Since we were in London, we just had to get fish and chips- very disappointing. Some other places we ate were:
Hong Kong Buffet (Lisle St. near National Gallery)
"Good Life" Diner (Ganton St)
Eat. (ate there at least 5 times, usually for breakfast or light lunch)
Cornish Bakehouse (in Earl's Court Station)

Man, walking around London...i was like a kid in candy land! Everything was so amazing to me. Even seeing "Poundland" was a sight to behold. I really wasn't expecting it lol. If i had a lil less shame i'd upload some of my "walking around" videos. There's still so many places I wanna go but i did get to visit:
The British Museum
The Tate Britain
The National Gallery
St. Paul's Cathedral
The New Change shopping mall
Trafalgar Square
Icebar (even though i found out a week later there's an Icebar like 30 minutes from my apartment -_- )
Picadilly Circus
Kensington Palace
Portobello Market
Big Ben/House of Parliament/Westminster Abbey
Winter Wonderland @ Hyde Park. (That place was a madhouse. So many people. AND i ruined my favorite sneakers there *sad face*)

Didn't really do too much nightlife type stuff. My bestie is boring in that way and to be honest, its probably not the best idea to be traipsing about in a foreign country alone after hours. So other than the Icebar and the one night i went out with my cousin and my uncle we pretty much spent the evening hours indoors.

I was so scared that i was going to run out of money that i didn't do much shopping :( That's not to say that we didn't look around...a lot. Harrods and Selfridges (as well as the rest of Oxford St.) of course. And we took a stroll around brompton rd and sloane st. And Carnaby Street, almost forgot about that. Also spent way too much time in Boots, Sainsbury, and the Co-Op on earl's court rd near our hotel.

Paris, as much as i complain, was pretty cool. I think i've just become more appreciative of the fact that i've traveled (which may not seem like a big deal to some but it is. Not everyone has a passport, and even people who have one don't always get the opportunity to use it.) Of course with the language barrier it was kinda hard to get around. The hotel, though small, was gorgeous. It was called Eiffel Seine (which was only a hop skip and jump away from the Eiffel Tower) if you're ever in the area... We were only there for 2 days but did manage to spend some time in the Louvre, La Duree, The Eiffel Tower, and on one of those double decker tour buses to see all the other stuff we didn't have time to explore. Not to mention that we spent at least 3 hours walking around lost. But seeing Mr. Super Sexy Man in McDonalds was well worth the headache!
Oh and stopping at Monoprix and picking up that french bread that i smuggled back in my luggage that my family subsequently ate all of...good times.
And we stopped by the Fragonard Perfume Museum (my friend is fascinated with smell goods). I did buy some stuff for myself though. Make myself feel "cultured" lol
*The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower at night is freaking amazing!*

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter (to those that celebrate it- however you celebrate it) in advance :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I must...

See these movies! These previews are completely NSFW so if you are in the workplace or around small children, HEADPHONES!!! #YouveBeenWarned

Doesn't this look freaking hilarious?!? None of my teddy bears were ever this cool. (Except for Dino...before my mother killed him. Long story for another day)

I'm sure seeing this is going to cost me a small fortune and will be an epic waste of my time considering that i've seen this movie at least 1000 times, have it on DVD and VHS, and can pretty much recite the movie word for word. But I love it. And the pervy side of me is very curious about what the nude/sex scenes are gonna be like in 3d lol. Like is Rose's boob gonna come flying outta the screen or what? #ImSorry

As an American Pie enthusiast, I feel like it is my civic duty, nee responsibility to see this movie.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Its been a pretty crazy weekend.

I don't know if i've ever really talked about it but i've been planning an event all semester as part of my internship and it happened this past friday. It was crazy but i'm glad to say it was a huge success. This was the first time the college has done this event and i've been involved from the very beginning as in before it even had a name or anything. So i was quite invested in it. And i'm happy as hell that it's finally over (save for the wrap-up meeting and assessing the event)! "Stressed" has been my middle name all semester and now, even though nothing has really changed i just feel so relieved.

Now i could go for a good seriously! My neck, shoulders, and upper back are filled with knots and tension.

Anywho, the *unofficial* highlight of my event was all the freaking eye candy. Sheesh! There was some dude there from the athletic department- very handsome, beautiful hazel brown eyes and of course the body was on point! His table was next to mine so we spent a hefty amount of time chatting, flirting, carrying on...
Then there was this other very handsome young man. Flawless skin the color of caramel, a smile that could melt a polar ice cap and just as sweet as can be. I saw him 2 or 3 times throughout the course of the event. I don't know who he is but i'd definitely like to lol.

Saturday i spent my entire day doing homework. Boring! But that evening i went out for dinner and drinks with some friends. All i can say is 3 is a crowd, even when the group is strictly platonic. SMH. And you should have seen as money just dey comot for my wallet anyhow. $10 for one drink! And the tiny amount of alcohol that was in that cup...smh! That bartender deserved a very hot slap for serving me fruit punch and calling it a mixed drink! *It was good though, despite wasting the 10 and not even getting a buzz*

Sunday i went to see my parents only to find out that our house had been broken into friday morning. Thankfully no one was home and they didn't get much except our tv in the family room, my brother's Wii and one of the guitars to his Guitar Hero game *which i came home specifically to play and now i can't (>_<)* And they broke our window because it's ground level so that had to be replaced. They also took our recycling bin lol. But as far as i know, that's pretty much it. I swear, Sanford, Florida can kiss my entire ass right now!

Sidenote: Today is my parents anniversary ♥