Sunday, March 18, 2012

Justice for all...or for some?

Whats most disturbing about this to me is not that it happened, not that an innocent young man who was walking down the street minding his business, and not that his killer is currently MIA...whats most disturbing about this is that it happened in Sanford, FL...where my parents call home and the fact that this could easily have been MY 16 year old brother. I've been sitting on this story for a while now, waiting for it to play out. It literally LITERALLY makes me sick to my stomach every day i turn on my computer and read another piece of the story...especially the statements being made by the local police and the Zimmerman family. I don't care how "upstanding" (and i use that term loosely) this dude proclaims to be, the fact still remains he killed someone...who's only crime was being black in (what i assume is) a white neighborhood...who was carrying a can of iced tea and a bag of skittles...And all of this happened AFTER THE POLICE TOLD ZIMMERMAN TO STAND THE FUCK DOWN AND WAIT FOR THEM TO GET THERE AND "INVESTIGATE". And even if i were to believe that this Zimmerman dude really did fear for his life (and wasn't just a racist, murdering jackass): HE WAS IN A CAR...TRAYVON WAS ON FOOT. If you were that afraid...lock your door, roll up your window and drive the fuck away!
And you know, that if the situation were reversed and some random black guy was following some random white kid under the guise of "neighborhood watch" and decided to kill the kid...his ass would be UNDER the jail...if he even lived that long. SMH...sometimes i hate this place.

ETA: The good folks over at SBM have got a hold of some of the 911 calls made that night. In one of them you can actually hear a young man screaming in the background and then the gunshot that ended young Trayvon's life. 


  1. Yeah I just heard about this the other day. Wild story. I could think of 20 ways for Zimm to handle whatever fears he had.

  2. JUSTICE FOR SOME..the best i could do was sign the petition sent to me by Amnesty international..i have been signing for the past 4yrs but most of the time the signatures are in vain.Its A Cold World.

  3. OMG this is really sad. It's 2012 and i'm honestly surprised that racial prejudice, under whatever guise, still exists in our society. Take heart Lady Ngo...

  4. This is disgusting to read, the injustice makes me sick!
    Racism is still alive.

    Tarah and The City

  5. i raced over here to have a laff (as it usually happens for me) only to read and listen to this! I mean in this century??? Which kain fear this 'agbaya' old white man fit fear this young boy wey just carry can of soda???? He just shot him in the chest cos he knew nothing will happen seeing that its a black man??? He sisnt even arrested meaning they dont consider what he did a crime.The justice system in America sometimes makes me wonder. Self defence my black ass! I am so pissed right now

  6. Yeah i heard about this story, it is such a Sad one... and i was thinking, if it was a White Boy or a White Blue Eye Blonde Girl that was killed, the justice would have been quick and swift, but because it was a black guy, the police department has been dragging their feet and no one has even been arrested, even though the culprit is known. it makes me scared sometimes, though when i put things in perspective, i realize that there are worse countries out there.

  7. Felt so sad, when i read the story.

    Just can't imagine what the parents are going through#still shudders#

    Shows, justice is not for all....there are sacred cows afterall huh?

  8. The news left me real cold. Its a shame that it took almost a month after the boy's death for it to get the attention it is getting now. But never say never. Justice shall be served. Thank God its election year and everyone (politicians included) wants to be seen to be just and fair. Will be watching to see how this plays out.
    God rest his poor soul.

  9. Check out this link. Surveillance video shows George Zimmerman on the night he killed Trayvon Martin

    1. I saw it a couple of days ago. All i can do is shake my head.


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