Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day memories

I was waxing sentimental so i decided to take a trip down memory lane about Valentine's Days past. Join me, won't you. Its a long read, so feel free to skip around.

Sidenote: Thank goodness i wrote this post in advance...because i'm rather tipsy at the moment lol. Valentine's Day was good to me this year. Feel free to skip ahead to "2012" if you want lolz

Valentine's day pretty much consisted of Mommy and/or Daddy (and later on Step-Daddy) being my valentine. In school, we would exchange those cheesy lil valentine's day cards that came like 28 in a pack (1 for each of your classmates). By the end of elementary school like 5th and 6th grade, we graduated to having "special valentines" lol. Being the popular young lass i was, i always had a number of valentines. Some of whom's gifts i still have locked away in my closet at my parents house lol.

Valentine's Day went on hiatus during these years. IDK, i must have been going through my ugly duckling phase or something. No least none that i can remember.

By Val's Day this year, me and Red had been together for quite some time, so of course he was my Valentine lol. I remember him asking me which lunch period i had and on that day, him coming up to my school at the end of my lunch period armed with a dozen long stemmed red roses, a big ass box of chocolate, balloons, a card and of course a huge hug and kiss lol.You can imagine the jealous stares i recieved throughout the cafeteria. Don't jealous me o!

Me and Red were still together...sorta. We were in a downward slope at this point. But all that changed when a couple of days to Valentine's Day i was over his house, messing around in his room (abeg, not that kind of messing around) and i found a red tin box. Being the nosey mofo that i am, i opened it, and inside was a ring know i couldn't resist opening the ring box. So with bated breath, i flipped the box open and there was THE most gorgeous ring i've ever seen. Chai. I nearly fainted. And of course in the midst of me being a nosey ass and ruining whatever moment Red had planned, he walked in and...well, yeah. *So that's a snippet of the engagement story*

My freshman year of college. At this point, me and Red are no more and there have been a few toasters come and go between then and now *long story, don't ask. just read my memoirs in about 40 years* My valentine's day this year was...interesting. First, the man that i was crushing majorly on, one fine fine boy from Warri (that, to be honest, to this very day could still get the business lol) asked me to come with him to pick out a gift for his girlfriend *please tell me on what planet do they do this kind if the fact that some other woman snatched him up was not insult enough mscheeewww* But i liked him and i liked his company and i needed to get out of the damn dorm so i went along. The first thing he said to me when he saw me was "damn, why you look so sexy today" so that made up for the fact that i was helping him buy another woman a vday gift. Afterward, i spent some time with this guy that i was talking to...but that was just...yeah, moving on. So by like 8 o'clock i was back in my dorm sitting around bored when i get a phone call from my "special pookie" *more gist about him in the near future, i promise* asking what i was doing that night because he was gonna swing past for a few. I wasn't doing anything so i said sure, call me when you're downstairs. So some time passes and i get the call. I go out to meet him. He stepped out of the batmobile (thats what i used to call his car) and we hugged and said our hellos. And again, the first comment i got was, "damn, you had a date, why do you look so sexy" lol. We chatted for a little while then he goes in his car and pulls out a single long stem red rose for me...accompanied by a very soft kiss on the cheek. #SoSweet. I actually still have the rose pressed in one of my scrapbooks lol. I am a hoarder of sentimental things.

A "friend" of mine invited me to a "ladies night" event in Ybor City and thus started a damn near 5 year long on-again off-again romance, smh. It was a very nice event...there was champagne and strawberries and massages. Honestly, i was only 20 at this time and technically wasn't even old enough to be there since it was supposed to be a "grown and sexy" event. It was very awkward because all the other ladies there were talking about their jobs and their kids and all i could offer to the conversation was how much it sucks having class on fridays.

This was probably by far the worst vday ever. Not only did i spend the day working an event...without my boyfriend. When i finally did bump into my boyfriend, he was "bumping into" another chick. AND it was our anniversary. Nice

I have absolutely no recollection of this year so i assume nothing noteworthy happened lol.

I had several boo-thangs at this time and all of them were acting crazy lol. The gifts i did get, i said no thank you to and pretty much cut all of them off. It was a weird valentine's day.

I had a new boo...but too new for Valentine's Day to be significant for us. So there was a sort of awkward should i do/say something special or not. I think we went with not lol.

As you all know, i gave out valentine's day cards to my blog readers. I hope you all got them (i know the ones that i sent in the mail might still be M.I.A- sorry about that) and enjoyed them. Today was a very good day. I was just so cheerful all day long. I really think someone slipped something in my juice this morning. Anywho, i did get a few surprises today, a very nice card from someone special, got a call from someone special (even though i missed it cuz i was at work...sorry boo!) and just had a great day chilling with my co-workers. I visited my fam for a lil while before i went to my staff meeting. After the staff meeting, went out for late night dinner and drinks with some good people (hence why i'm a lil tipsy right now). All in all, even without a boo to cuddle up with, it was a good valentine's day :)


  1. At least you had fun. I've never had a nice Valentine's Day ever.

  2. Nice to know you had fun,i on the other hand broke my don't buy nothing on vals day record.. :)

  3. Wow,you had nice and not-so-nice valentines.It's all good,it's all part of life's lesson!

  4. I've never had a Valentine's Day either. Of course that might have had something to do with the fact that I don't believe in it. And coincidentally (or not) all the men I have been with have been anti-Val's Day as well.

  5. I sent you a song though, hope you liked it.

  6. Glad to hear to hear you had fun

  7. Loved the fact that you were able to remember the memories of the past Valentines. :)

  8. I've only had a traditional valentine once in 2000 and it was real sweet. A few others have been spent in a ldr. I am comforted by the thought that I'll have many to celebrate in future..


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