Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday blues

Everyone (well, not everyone, just a few people) is getting on my fucking nerves today. I should’ve just stayed in my damn bed! I swear some of these people really wanna find out what the 5 fingers said to the face...

And the worst thing about it is that I feel bad that I’m so mad at these people. Despite my usual constant bouts of rage, I really don’t like being angry. Not just because it would be so much nicer/easier to be happy, but because I genuinely feel bad/guilty when I’m mad at people. (And I don’t like being in a funky mood but having to pretend I’m in a good mood)

Le Sigh

Anyway, I really like my twitter avi. I love when I look cute/pretty. It doesn’t happen often so I relish the times that I can stop and say “damn Jen, you be killin em”


  1. Please don't let nobody get to you,easier said than done but please hit the ignore button and put it on replay.. yep your twirra Avi rocks..would have called it the shit but i`m not allowed to say shit here.. :P

    1. Who said ur not allowed to say shit here? You're DIDI...You can't do whatever u liiiiike *TI voice*


  2. I really...really want to know what the five fingers said to the face.

    But..em, LADY-Ngo don't vex o. OR is it ****** frustration.

    1. Then come down to sunny florida and i will gladly give you the answer.

      And no its not any "****** frustration" lol. I don't vex over such things


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