Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Just some funny memes for all of you who are planning on going half on a baby tonight (or this afternoon or whenever), need some help with the pickup lines...or just feel like laughin. Happy Valentine's Day people! (All my cards have been mailed/emailed out. 
If you didn't get your card or ur having trouble opening it, please let a sistah know...thanks)

Disclaimer: These memes do no reflect the activities that i plan to partake in for valentine's day. The following memes are more realistic as to how Feb 14th will look in my bubble:
(^^^This is the ForeverAlone meme for those that are unfamiliar)


  1. Funny cartoons. You already started my Val's day off well, thanks dearie, and have a marvelous one!

  2. The first part, I believe, exist in your unconscious and definitely part of you. The second part, well, that's reality to you.
    Hope you got your song in my A Song For Everybody campaign, check your inbox.

  3. Chocolate penis that ejaculates money..you go girl! I don't even care for the chocolate.
    Just imagine if you ejaculate money that is ethnic to you. Naija men go lose oo.


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