Monday, January 9, 2012

You don't know me dawg!

I had planned on writing about something else today but @adebsrk's comment from yesterday has really got me thinking. Regardless of how they come into our lives, do we ever really know anyone? #Nope

This whole anonymous formspring romance (though it hasn't exactly been romantic by my definition) has been intriguing and flattering (if this person is forrealsies). But how realistic is it to catch feelings and pursue something with someone you met via blogsville (or any other social media site)?

Well my answer to that is simple: it all depends on what your expectations are!

I agree with the homie @adebsrk when he said that reading someone's blog (or whatever the case may be) can very easily give you a false sense that you actually know that person. If you go into any situation thinking you know the person based off of a few status updates, tweets or blog posts... you are more than likely going to be extremely disappointed by the outcome. Using myself as an example, yes, i pour a lot of who i am into this blog. And yes, if you engage me in a convo via fb, twitter, skype, etc- i'm gonna keep it really real. But even having said all that, I will also say its impossible to "know me" just from those interactions.

Now, does that mean if your only interaction with me thus far has been through blogsville that its impossible for a "connection" to be made? Of course not. But it could and would only work if you come into the game understanding that you know a very small part of who I am. But that's the same with all relationships. You don't meet a lady/gentleman in the library (or whatever venue you use to pick up chicks/dudes) and instantly know all there is to know about them.

I feel like i had another point to make but its almost 1am so i'm just going to wrap it up here.

Sidenote: Do any of you guys Skype/Oovoo? Which one is better? One of my friends was trying to talk me into switching from using Skype to using Oovoo but honestly, is there really a difference?


  1. Skype. For 3 years Oovoo is yet to become a major threat.

  2. Ok, but my Skype has been actin up lately too. I keep getting these random "spam" calls. I didn't even know that was possible. But i'll stick with what i know #SkypeItIs

  3. This is kinda dependent on some things in my own humble opinion.Some people are bare/plain and they are always real.This means you can get to know them from their posts.However,it is not possible to know them totally.I mean,even those you know physically surprise you sometimes.Thus,it is possible to know a person from the internet and also,it is impossible,depending on what the person wants you to know.

    I vote Skype by the way!

  4. Spam Calls??? please uninstall and reinstall.

  5. @9ja-Great: um, u said the exact same thing i said lol. u probably said it better though. #GreatMinds

    @DIDI: i guess i should. i barely even use it though...nobody ants to be my skype-friend *sad face* lol

  6. All knowledge we have of other people start from somewhere, and it never finishes. You were on point in your reply.

  7. @Myne: yeah, it was a life lesson learned the hard way for me.


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