Monday, January 16, 2012

Waited on you for so long...

I am watching My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and who am i dude from my "wow" post from back in august. WTF. That was crazy unexpected. So much so that forgot what the hell i was even planning to write.

...Left and came back and still can't remember what i was gonna write about so Monday Randoms it is...

  • Sometimes i hate how much music touches me. I was driving to my parents house the other day and i had my mp3 player on (cuz i rarely listen to the radio) and "Did You Wrong" by Pleasure P came on and outta nowhere i was singing along and crying hysterically. I mean BAWLING, snot running outta my nose, lookin like someone just shot my dog cryin. Hollering at my ex (as if he could actually hear me) You fucking bastard i loved you, you loved me, whyyyyyyy, i hate you, i hope your pinky toe falls off, etc etc. was like that. But i was taking the toll road home so i had give myself a pep talk and get myself together so the lady at the toll booth wouldn't think i was some sorta crazy person.

  • Somehow i managed to not buy a single textbook this semester. So now i'm in a mad dash to order them so i don't fall crazy far behind in my classes. I'm such a procrastinator!

  • I have a mega craving for pizza. But 6 years later, i still can't rock with the pizza down here. NY pizza is the only pizza for me.

  • So GEJ has agreed to reduce the price of fuel to N97. How do we feel about that?

  • My brother insists that i have a boyfriend. I don't know why he thinks that lol.

  • I was on twitter when i stumbled upon this tweet:

I retweeted it. But now that i think about it, i'm not sure i agree. We are who we are and we behave the way we do based on our experiences so its a little *insert adjective here* to believe that that same pattern wouldn't carry over into our relationships. Sure you shouldn't bring your previous problems into a new relationship, nor should you treat your new boo like a suspect because of some bullshiggity that your last boo did. But i don't think you went through whatever you went through and learned whatever lessons you hopefully learned to start all over again without paying some heed to the shadows of the past. 

  • When did blogger add this "reply" feature where you can now reply to people's comments directly? Me likes it! 

  • Speaking of blogger features, i'm not in love with my blog's look at the moment. It will probably change in the near future.

  • Blogging is losing its luster and appeal. I don't plan on abandoning or anything but i'd be lying if i said i'm still feeling this whole blogging thing like i was before. 

Happy new week everyone. Hope your weekend was good and your week is even better!

Happy Birthday MLK Jr.


  1. I think i agree with your brother. Please don`t ask why. Maybe the dude in the post would be a perfect match :D. Well GEJ reduced but it doesnt mean the system is corruption free..Happy Birthday MLK Jr...My weekend was umm Okay. Happy new week,have a blessed 1. Peace Out.

    1. Um, u know i'm going to ask why...why do u agree with my bro? who might this mystery bf be exactly? lol

  2. Keep writing...I can assure you you'll be glad you did years from now. It would enable u know who you are and compare with who you were. Write for yourself not your readers.

    1. I didn't used to write for other people. i didn't even have any followers for months. This isn't the only place i write though so even if i go AWOL, my writing will continue...just that no one will see it.

  3. 1st I would like to just say I forgot the rest of the post when I saw those pics! Mmm mmm mmmm. On your way to Belize make a stop at NY and pick me up.

    Now that I've remembered what I was gonna say, music has a way of reaching places that were just empty before. I love it but it sucks, sometimes. Talk abt procrastinating, at least you can say you don't have your books, I have mines and attempted to read through and put it down in the first five minutes. New York pizza is the best. Hands down! The price reduction, ehhhh. No comment. As per the bf thing, tell him to bring him for you now!
    I kind of believe in the quote. There certain thing that need to change when someone is going into a new relationship including the faults said person had in the deterioration in the relationship but then of course you won't completely change who you are. Some things change while some stay the same.
    I was going to ask you about the "reply" feature. Spent most of yesterday looking for the setting and then got jealous of yours! lol.
    Keep blogging alive!


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