Sunday, January 8, 2012

put my number in ya phone

It has been a terribly busy 1st week back to work. Training and preparing and welcoming back the residents...its been very crazy. Hopefully, this hysteria is not a sign of things to come. (>_<)

Anywho, how has everyone else been doing? Good i hope! And welcome to the new readers. There's a couple of you. Glad to have you aboard LadyNgo Airlines!!!

Meanwhile in the land of formspring:

maybe...but i would need a name and an email address. Can't just be posting my phone number on the internet for everyone to see!
FYI: you can always visit to see answers to questions you ask that i might not post on the blog .

Anywho- to say i'm thoroughly entertained and intrigued by these formspring questions and comments is an understatement. So i'm just gonna keep riding this out. #KeepEmComin

Have a good day all and an even better week ahead!


  1. When an individual falls for a blogger the outcome is bad. They believe they know "You" from what they read and you guys are compatible. Just be careful when someone who read your blog say "will you marry me?" Or ask for your number.....I've had my share, it isn't nice when I meet my readers.

  2. ^^^wise words from a decent man...

    sidenote: i'm awesome and falling for me would be the best decision one ever makes in life!!!

  3. See attraction ooo! First it was marriage proposal then it was query of phone number. Who are these ppl and where do they get their questions? :-)

  4. Enjoying what i`m reading so bad i forgot to add my comment :P

  5. @Adede: Hahaha, i wish I knew!

    @DiDi: *raises eyebrow* really?!? well i'm glad ur enjoying urself around here.


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