Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Getting Nervous

I'm very nervous about this semester...and everything that it means for me academically. This really is my "show and prove" semester. Now that i'm out of the "newbie" stage at work, i know i'm gonna be held a lot more accountable for stuff. I have a brand new member on my staff and i know she's going to have tons of questions that hopefully i can answer lol. #BlindLeadingTheBlind. I have my internship. I'm doing a course as an independent study for the first time (which basically means i have to teach myself the entire course and rely on myself to stick to all my deadlines and such). I (hopefully) will be attending my first professional conference for my field in March. I need to find a permanent job for after graduation. Its just going to be a really crazy semester that is going to set the tone life, basically. No Pressure
Also this marriage business...really got me thinking. Yeah, im sure whomever wrote that message to me was playing a joke but forreal...i'd be a complete and total liar if i said the thought hadn't crossed my mind about when something like that (i.e. marriage) would come to pass. Funny enough, a couple of days after that whole fiasco, me and my mother spent a good hour talking about engagement rings. How much they cost, what cut of diamond looks the best, what kind of setting i would like, etc. After our conversation, i went to my room (well, the guest room) laid down and thought to myself "Did i really just spend an hour talking about engagement rings and there is nary a suitor/toaster in sight?!?" LOL. Thats not even the 1st time we've talked about this. My mother is constantly after me with her classic question of "So is Brianna the only grandchild i'm going to get?" Not to mention her "i'm not saying you need to get married/have kids, but if you're going to.... might wanna get on that!" spiel. Personally, i'm not in any rush...especially for parenthood. Can u picture me as someone's mother?!? lol. Anywho, so like i said i'm in no rush...but the idea of being Mrs blankity-blank still cross my mind. Probably whats most disturbing is that when the thought of being a old lonely spinster crosses my mind, it doesn't bother me nearly as much as i imagine it should!
Lastly, I wait with bated breath to see what is going to happen in Nigeria. Is something substantive going to come of this or are we (and by we i mean ya'll) just blowing smoke? Is the outcome of a "revolution" in Nigeria gonna make things better or make things worse? Will anyone really be satisfied if the only thing that changes is the issue of the fuel subsidy? What of GEJ? If he is impeached, then what will happen? What is the fall back plan for this whole thing? I direct you to bloggers such as Prism, Adura, Madame Sting, 9jaFOODie and others to if you want actual opinions on the matter cuz i got nothing. (well i have thoughts but none of which i feel like sharing) 


  1. please worry about now,the future is still unknown.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Lady Ngo. From the little things come the big changes...that's my attitude to the quiet revolution happening in Nigeria. The fuel subsidy has a direct impact on people's lives. We need to challenge our leaders to look at their harmful habits before they can censor that of the people they claim to govern.

    I hope you can take part in the bloggers' campaign against the removal of the fuel subsidy. It would be appreciated. Not sure if it's your thing but if you'd like to be involved, that would be great. Please circulate to other bloggers to get involved. This is how to take part:

    I am asking all Nigerian bloggers and other interested parties to join me in a Nigerian Bloggers Protest for a week. To join the protest:

    1. Do a post of your own on your blog using the title "GEJ Presidential Palace Subsidy Must End: Nigerian Bloggers' Protest"

    2. Add 9jaFooDie's pic/tabled diagram (on her current post) in your post

    3. Publish your post

    4. Please allow for seven days on your blog or place the post in a prime position on your blog for seven days.

    5. Bloggers and Non-bloggers: share on facebook, twitter and other relevant social media.

    May we reap the benefits of our civil efforts in the prosperity of our country Nigeria, in the very near future - That it would become a country that we are proud of, for future generations to come.

    Best Wishes,

  3. Girl you are tall enough to climb any mountain/exam in your way. you've got our Lord's support all the way.

    My dear, marriage scares the sh*t ouuta me too. so dont worry, you are not alone in feeling comfortable about spinsterhood.
    Did your Mom give you tips about rings? maybe you could share. i know zilch about engagement rings

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  5. I believe that GOD will show and prove Himself for you so no worries. Of course you're gonna have to work hard but you are where you are now not by chance so... yeah. I'm pretty sure it's less of blind leading blind and more of one eye leading blind so at the end you def. know more.

    I nearly rolled off my bed and bumped my sick head on the light stand when I saw "spinster". The last time I saw that word was while writing a play and the word has so many negative connotations specifically placed in my head by my own mother. In any case I'm not gonna tell you to not let it bother you or any of that because of course its there in your head without permission may I add but don't rush anything because the clock is ticking and don't let anyone rush you. Go at your own pace and I believe there's someone out there for you, whether you'll find out through formspring or while one-eye leading. So my dear enjoy the single years ooo because soon, idk how soon, we'll be referring to you as Mrs. LadyNgo. Sha post pics of the ring when it happen. I like seeing ring pics :-)

    As for the fuel subsidy sturvs, GOD is in control I'll leave it at that.

    P.S. As many can tell, my English prof. would probably kill me if they read this comment with such lack of punctuation and the sort so please no one tell her :-) or try and kill me in the process

  6. @adebsrk: why thank u hun!

    @DIDI: i am worried about now...because now effects later!

    @Adura: no problem. i do appreciate what the blog protest is about and i'm sure i will participate in the movement in some way but i need to know whats going on 1st. I have a lot of thoughts bumping around in my head but i've also been working like 10 and 12 hours days all week lol. Once i get some more time to myself i'll be in a better place to get into semi-activist mode!

    @Ginger: Amen! And nah, it wasn't really tips...more like we were just having discussion. She knows what kind of jewelry i like and we were kinda shopping around different websites comparing costs and ct and styles and what have you. But i'll do a post just for u about it lol

    @adede: lack of punctuation? i didn't even notice lol. honestly, my clock isn't really ticking...i think its every1 around me's clock/expectations. God is in control...of all of this junk i've written so all will be well!

  7. Hey my sis. Take it easy, it shall be well.

    Thanks for the concern regarding my absence. I'm fully back now.


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