Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And the beat goes on

First i wanna start of this post with a salute to all those students that are out there hustling, holding down multiple jobs while being enrolled full-time. I'm only entering day 3 and I am completely over it lol. My internship is not bad. Its my actual job that is killer. But whatever, i like my job (at times) and i gotta do my internship and go to what can you do?!? Through it all, i'm always thankful for the opportunities I have so i'm trying to make the very best of it.

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff. The real reason i'm here. Someone hurt my feelings yesterday (didn't i just say enough of the sappy stuff...then automatically start my next sentence with sappy stuff!). Well not really. If anything i was more puzzled than hurt.

So i was at my internship and my eyes were starting to cross from looking at the information on my computer screen so i took a lil break (ssshhh, don't tell anybody about that) and checked my email and fb/twitter. As i'm checking my email, i see a notification that someone has asked me a question on formspring. When i eventually went to check it out, i saw that someone left a comment stating that my views are very "biased" and thats its "wrong"

Now i've actually sat here and wrote a crazy-long response to that allegation...but i deleted it. And then i wrote another one and deleted that too. And then i tried a third post...and yup, deleted that one too. I didn't realize how irate that question/comment (and it's implication) made me...and my level of pissivity came out in every draft i attempted to compose. So, now that i've got my blood pressure back under control, all i will say is that this is MY PERSONAL BLOG, where I share MY PERSONAL VIEWS on issues that I PERSONALLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT. I have never stopped anyone from commenting (i actually welcome it very much and if people stopped commenting, i'd probably stop blogging), the option to comment anonymously has always been there, the option to email me, tweet me or leave me anonymous messages on formspring is open too. So miss me with the bias argument! If you can't take the heat in Lady Ngo's kitchen World, then you can politely make your way to another part of the world wide web.

The funny thing about people who complain about biases...they only complain when the bias isn't in their favor. I'm sure that if whomever that was agreed with everything i matter how close-minded or "biased" it may seem, they wouldn't have left that message for me.

Anyways: here some random office pics lol:
door decs from my RA staff

just a regular day on Lady Ngo's desk

when i'm bored i scribble
Disclaimer: i hope my bitchiness did not alarm you. Have a pleasant day!


  1. well people are always gonna be people,for all you know he/she was drunk or on some cheap drug"not saying the expensive ones are good oh"when that was typed. Please Install the Ignore button coz silence is Golden. :) *those Scribblings though* ;-)

  2. *shocked* I am alarmed bu your bitchiness!!! Yeah right!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. You got a grumpy old troll on your personal page?

  4. @DIDI: LOL, thats a possibility but whether they were high or sober, i felt like i needed to say it. You like my scribbling? lol

    @9ja-Great: *side eye*

    @Okeoghene: I don't even know what their problem is. I mean, i honestly don't aim to offend and if they felt offended by something i wrote i would feel slightly bad. But at the same time they can just as easily not come back if its really that big of a problem. *shrugs shoulders*

  5. RA like Resident Assistant? You work with reslife?


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