Monday, December 5, 2011

you asked, i answered

Some time ago I asked you guys to entertain me by hitting up my formspring with questions. Some of you obliged me lol. Here are some of the questions i got (the 1st two were from before i made the request...but since my formspring link is only on this blog i'm assuming someone from around here asked those questions too). There's a couple that i had to leave out because the formatting is giving me a headache so if you don't see your question...thats why!

Nope, sorry

yes and no. Generally, i'm pretty comfortable with myself since i've been heavy practically my entire life. But there are days when i wish i were a lil smaller. I think we all have those days but we have to try and get through it the best (and most positive) way we can!

that depends, are you trying to be my boyfriend? ;) lol

oh dear, i have so many lol. I guess the biggest ones are people who lie, people who are close-minded, rudeness, and cheating.

Well Nigerians are EVERYWHERE and where ever there is any amount of Nigerians, there are associations. Just in this one area of florida i live in, there are several igbo (not sure if Imo state has its own here but i know alot of the people in the one igbo association i know of are from Imo), yoruba, ijaw, edo, urhobo, etc associations, plus general nigerian associations, mens associations, women's associations, and pretty much every major uni has an african student association and we've all worked together over the years. I hope that answered your question.

LOL, no one is cooking in my house for thanksgiving...but you're more than welcome to come if you put yourself on kitchen duty (or take me to a nice restaurant...which ever works best for you)

So there ya have it. If you still wanna ask something, be my guest and hit the formspring box located on the right left hand side of this page :)


  1. I think i will take you to a nice restaurant coz still taking lessons @ 9jafood`s blog :D ..when i saw this post i went like Thank God i behaved myself lol

  2. hahahaha, that was you?!? well even if you were mischievous with your question, we wouldn't have known it was you unless you claimed it! Let me know when we are making that trip to the nice restaurant!

  3. Hmmmmmmm,lemme go and prepare my won question.

  4. hmph, and why haven't u asked it already? i demanded these questions how long ago!!! *side eye*

  5. y dont I see my question here?! Discrimination based on relative importance?!!!!*side eye @ u!*

  6. That first question was so sneaky, complimenting your lips and all lol..

  7. @HoneyDame: ur question was not formatting properly on the blog. SOrry boo. But i did answer it lol

    @Myne: LOL... yeah, whoever it was thought they were slick


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